Choosing flooring from laminate to ceramic granite

By Admin | Building Materials
07 May 2016

meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind.Who are the users heard this saying?If it is slightly paraphrased, it can be said that the floor - a calling card of any home.

But often, when choosing a floor covering for many developers, a number of questions:

  • What are the types of modern flooring?
  • How to select it?
  • For which rooms are best suited one or another type of flooring?
  • What features have a particular material?
  • What to look for during installation?

Answers to all these questions you can learn from our material.After all, what kind of flooring you choose depends on how stylish and modern look to your home!

magnificent quartet

modern market offers a lot of options for flooring materials, from simple to the elite, but the most widely used four types of materials:

  • laminate;
  • Porcelain;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • tree.

But before we look at every detail they need to remember that any floor laid on the need to carefully prepared and leveled base.

Expert Company Tarkett Nikolai Yakubchik:

- Installation of flooring should be done after all other finishing works, namely:

  • construction and alignment of walls and ceilings;
  • Completion glazing;
  • wiring and connection of utilities.

only once tested the heating system, sewage system, cold water and ventilation in the glazed areas without drafts at a temperature not lower than 15 ° C and relative humidity not more than 60%, you can start laying the flooring - this dependsquality and durability of your floor.


can say that laminate flooring is considered one of the most popular types of flooring.After all, this stuff does not deteriorate from moisture and direct sunlight, easy to assemble and requires no special expensive care.

quality laminate any kind, nor to touch practically does not differ from the wood, it comes with different patterns, textures and different colors.

In order to correctly choose the material you need to know that the quality of the outer cover laminate is divided into several classes, indicating its durability.

CTO Holzplast Vyacheslav Skachkov:

- Today you can find laminate 31, 32, 33 and 34 classes.31 and 32 are suitable for most rooms in a residential area.33 and 34 classes are used in places with a high cross and where the floor is constantly experiencing heavy loads - shopping malls, movie theaters, hospitals, hotels, bars and cafes.

Choice grade laminate primarily depends on where and how you intend to use it.For example - in rooms where there are constantly people better put laminate class above, and for bedrooms, pantries and closets enough laminate 31 classes.

With proper care laminate 31 class in a normal apartment can serve up to 12 years, 32 - 15, 33 - 20, and the most durable laminate Class 34 does not require replacement for over 25 years.

Vyacheslav Skachkov:

- to choose the right laminate flooring, you need to take into account the nuances related to its thickness.It can be 5, 8, 10 or 12 millimeters.On the one hand, the thicker the laminate, so it is more durable.

Thicker laminate preferable for rooms, where the quality of basic coverage is poor.However, much more profitable to provide quality basic coverage and use a thinner laminate.In addition, it is important to bear in mind that with underfloor heating laminate thickness less instantly heated, which means that there will have to wait and increase the heating power.

also need to know that for rooms with different purposes requires a laminate with different characteristics.In some areas essential moisture, while others - strength, somewhere will be more appropriate laminate light shades, and somewhere - dark.

Vyacheslav Skachkov:

- stacking technology allows to combine in one room are several types of laminate, but the implementation of such a design decision should be remembered that the thickness of the vinyl laminate from different manufacturers can vary by a few millimeters.

And to avoid annoying discrepancy between sizes, laminate better to buy from the same manufacturer.

So, what kind of laminate flooring to choose?To this end, should adhere to simple rules - namely, any home can be divided into functional areas:

  • Hallway;
  • Working areas - kitchen, bathroom;
  • living room;
  • Living room - bedroom, children.

Hallways - a high traffic area, also because of the dust and dirt that we bring to the shoes, wash the floor here often enough.

Therefore corridors should choose waterproof laminate flooring with high wear resistance rating - 33 or even 34.

Kitchen.Because this is where the cooking and often have to get out, it is better to give preference to moisture-proof laminate.

For reliability can be treated with a special mastic joints.To the kitchen floor was comfortable, not slippery, it could not be seen any fingerprints or smudges better to choose a laminate with textured surface.With regard to class laminate is optimal for the kitchen 33 class, as in the room floor load is sufficiently high.

Bathroom.It is better to use water-resistant laminate asHe is not afraid of a long exposure to moisture, do not warp and does not lose its appearance.

Waterproof laminate manufactured using PVC plates do not absorb water - this is the main difference from the moisture resistant waterproof laminate, which is made of compressed wood fibers.Some manufacturers produce a laminate with a sealing rubber strip along the longitudinal side of the panel - it allows to achieve completely waterproof.

Spaces.In the living room, bedroom and child are not only design and grade laminate, but other features - such as noise reduction.

To reduce the possibility of walking and echo the unpleasant creaking, be sure to provide an additional layer of soundproofing.Since living rooms are used sparingly, they will approach the laminate 31 and 32 classes.


Perhaps there is no person who would not be a sign of a material such as ceramic tile.But have you ever thought of what it do?Because of the type of raw material depends largely on the final properties of any material.

Deputy Director for Purchasing ceramic factory "Falcon" Ekaterina Sokolova:

- Simply put, ceramic tile - a baked clay, covered with icing.The main raw materials - clay, though the color crock ceramic tile does not matter, the main thing - the chemical composition and properties of clay.

In the clay mass add thinners, sand and other additives.Then the tile is glazed, various cements, pigments and then fired at a temperature of over 1100 degrees.

More recently, the use of ceramic tile were limited bathroom.But such qualities as ecology, heat resistance, ease of installation and aesthetic properties allow the use of ceramic tiles in almost all rooms.

Ekaterina Sokolova:

- Each material has its purpose.Ceramic tile is very universalna.Ee recommended in almost all areas, especially with high humidity or a cross.

ceramic tile is best proved itself in the following locations:

  • Corridor;
  • Kitchen;
  • bathroom.

Ceramic tile is sufficiently durable coating designed to both protect the surface and give it aesthetic qualities.And, given the fact that it should remain unchanged for many years, the choice is desirable to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • determine the place where you plan to put ceramic tile.

Typically, this hygienic areas: bathroom, toilet, kitchen, bath - or areas designed to combine practicality with fine points: entrance, balcony and so on.

  • Critical approach to the analysis of the place of installation.Consider all the positive and negative features of the area.

use of ceramic tiles is not particularly limited.The main thing - quality lined surface.

  • Think about what kind of quality of ceramic tiles in the best way suited to your interior.

example, dark colors are not only conceal the volume, but also hide all sorts of contamination.

  • Do not forget about the areas located in the neighborhood of the surface on which you are planning to put ceramics.

Remember that the combination of materials, it is important to ease the perception of the entire surface as a whole.

Another important fact to use tiles as flooring is its excellent combination of a warm floor.

Ekaterina Sokolova:

- It must be remembered that our climate is the perfect solution is the use of warm floors.And the main thing here is to choose high-quality materials as well as replacement of elements floor heating is very difficult.

Caring for ceramic tile is very simple - just normal cleaning.There are also special features to give it shine.


In recent years, more and more widespread, a ceramic granite.What is unique in this material?

Sales Manager Kafelnet Natalia Aleinikova: .

- For the production of porcelain tiles are used in almost the same components as for the production of conventional ceramic tiles.The only difference is in the technology of production - a high temperature during the firing and the power of the powerful media, under the influence of which the pores virtually disappear.With these technologies, porcelain stoneware superior properties and tile and even stone.

It should be noted that the granite may vary in tone - a characteristic color.Tiles of the same series can be lighter or darker relative to the other series.

at the production stage before packaging takes place the grouping of similar tone tiles.

also sorting occurs caliber.

Caliber - the actual size of the tiles is different from the nominal.Within the same caliber exist tolerance ± 0.5 mm.

When laying porcelain tiles should be calibrated to withstand short distances between the tiles (typically 2-4 mm, depending on the size of the tile), which are then overwritten with any color on consumer choice.

Natalia Aleinikova:

- The advantages of porcelain are its strength and low water absorption, resistance to temperature, wear resistance, becausepractically corresponds to the internal structure of natural granite.Porcelain has a low electrical conductivity and high fire properties.

These properties directly affect the way in which areas are best to use this floor.As ceramic tiles, granite has wear resistance, which is divided into 5 classes:

  • 1-2 degree - is most often used in the bathroom and toilet.
  • Grade 3 can be used in living rooms - kitchens, halls, corridors.
  • Grade 4 can be used in public areas with a good cross.For example, cafes and shops.
  • Flooring durability Class 5 used in the premises with any cross.

At home, it is recommended to lay tiles in bathrooms and toilets, and granite - in the kitchen, corridors and halls.

Natalia Aleinikova:

- When choosing porcelain tiles should remember about such a feature of this material, such as lack of flexibility - in comparison, for example, linoleum, and the need for gender - alignment.

Laying porcelain is made on the cement tile adhesive, which must be uniformly applied to the surface.In the case of an incorrect application of the adhesive in the further exploitation of a piece of tile may break away if it drops a heavy object..

also often porcelain tiles laid on the heated floor.Since the. Granite is a good conductor and holds the heat and after heating for a long time it will give.

disadvantage in this case is that, if the floor heating fails, it will have to change with the granite.

And when caring for ceramic granite, do not use abrasive cleaners that may damage the image or glaze on the tile.

Flooring in solid wood

material such as wood faithfully serves man is not one hundred years.Durability, environmental friendliness, and most importantly - a unique feeling of heat that gives the texture and color of natural wood make it welcome in any interior.

The advantages of natural wood are high strength at low volumetric weight, low heat and sound conductivity, ease of processing, low coefficient of thermal linear and volumetric expansion.

In order to choose a wooden floor that is optimal for your home, you should know the following characteristics of this material.

Art Director Finex Alexander Alexeyev:

- Massive flooring - a floor covering, consisting entirely of a single layer of valuable wood.

It is believed that this is the most expensive type of flooring.As a rule, massive floors require a professional approach not only to the installation (the most reliable and classic method of laying solid flooring - plywood, using 2-component glue and screws), but also to operate and maintain.In areas with massive floors recommend installing humidifiers, and take care of such a coating is necessary specialized tools.

- hardwood or engineered floor - a kind of a tech coating consisting of several layers.Top layer - a valuable timber, with the thickness of this layer may vary from 1 mm - and the middle and bottom layers consist of different materials: plywood, larch.

Hardwood floors are more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.They can be laid directly on the screed or on the substrate.

massive floors reusable polishing when repairing.It is believed that with proper care massive floors can serve more than 100 years.And in choosing this material you must consider the following:

  • Wood moisture that specified by the manufacturer.On examination, make sure that the ends of the boards on the surface and in the thickness of slats no cracks, astheir presence speaks of abuse of technology of drying.
  • When choosing parquet floors, it is important to pay attention to the geometry of the board, with some quality made chamfers, slots, and, if available, locks.