Partition - it's not just Wall

By Admin | Building Materials
06 May 2016

believes that the issue is relevant to the zoning offices, but also for apartments and private homes, this problem urgently.In an apartment is often not possible to build a blank walls with no loss of light and square meters.A partition can be logically separate living room, work area from the living room, the kitchen area from the dining room, it can make any size and width, straight or curved.

One of the common building solutions - used for drywall partitions, such as Knauf sheets.It is with them about 20 years ago in our country began the history of the mass alterations of the premises.

drywall sheets (GCR) - two layers of cardboard and gypsum core between them.Cardboard is a reinforcing frame and serves as the basis for the application of any finishing material - putty, wallpaper, paint, ceramic tile.

Standard sheet has a thickness of 12.5 mm, a width of 1.2 and 2.5 meters long, but it is easy to cut to the desired size.

There are about 4 types of GCR:

  • normal (GCR) is used for lightweig
    ht interior walls, ceilings and wall coverings in rooms with normal humidity.
  • waterproof (gypsum plasterboard) used for light interior walls in rooms with high humidity.
  • retardant (GKLO) flame retardants used in constructions of light partitions.
  • vlagoognestoyky (GKLVO) combines the properties of water-resistant and fire-resistant sheets.

No less important is the question of the additional burden on the future partition.As a rule, the partition consists of a metal frame, mineral wool and plasterboard sheets.Metal profiles in the frame are spaced 600 mm apart.Recent fastened with dowels to the wall, and ordinary fixed dowels to the floor and ceiling.To increase the strength of the distance between the guides can be reduced to 400 mm.

GCR stands about 12 kg per mounting point.The main condition - to use a special fixture for giposkartona.To increase the load up to 100 kg (suspended toilets, wall units) must mount a special steel frame in the place where you plan to fix the hinged design.The rest just use special screw combined with two layers of GCR or GVL (gypsum sheets).

Partitions of GCR affect not only the design and ergonomics of the living space.The room creates a favorable microclimate, as gypsum has the ability to breathe and regulate humidity.

With drywall partition, you can make a curved curved shape.This is another plus, as it will intelligently allocate the area and bring in the interior of the most complex and intricate architectural and design solutions.