The company «Veek»: the construction of timber houses

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06 May 2016

During the development of the company (since 2003) we have achieved really impressive results in the technology of timber houses and brought it to perfection.

Today, home from a bar by the company «Veek» - a standard of quality, optimal cost and excellent performance.The company's products in demand not only in the domestic but also foreign markets: wooden houses, baths from a bar «Veek» actively sold in the EU countries (France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Germany and others.).The volume of production of several thousand housing sets per year.

In addition, we have established cooperation with well-known American, European and Russian chain stores, including KDM, IKEA, LPI, Cra-Van, Kareia Hardwood, Trading, and many others.

Why log houses, bath houses and outbuildings from the company «Veek» so popular?

in the construction of houses, like in any other area, the quality and durability of the finished product depends on three parameters: the materials, technology and quality of the work undertaken.Each

of the parameters in the production process, we pay close attention.

for the construction of wooden houses, baths, arbors, etc.we have chosen, perhaps, the best material of all existing in the construction market - dry planed softwood lumber.We harvests it themselves on their own timber processing plants in the Leningrad and Novgorod regions, allowing us to control the quality of manufactured products is still at the level of preparation of materials.For the construction of the houses we use only high-quality northern softwood lumber with residual moisture of 14-16%.

The best home from a bar?

we use dry pine lumber has a truly unique properties.

  • it is not deformed by temperature changes and over time, and thus, the size and geometry of the bar-shaped house will remain the same as they were under construction.
  • It does not crack or crack in the walls of the house will never cracks.
  • Such timber does not need to shrink, and therefore do not need to wait until the house will "stable" sizes.
  • The lumber house you can live without finishing.You will be able to move it immediately after assembly and save considerably on the finish (the cost of which can be up to 40% of the value of the house)!

And most importantly, the wooden house from the dry timber is completely environmentally friendly and safe for the health of your family.Elements of the house do not contain phenol-formaldehyde resins, adhesives and synthetic supplements.In such houses feel good people suffering from allergies.Log houses "breathing", and they remain comfortable in any season.

We produce more than 50 models of wooden houses of different designs, sizes and cost: from small garden houses (2,5h2,0 meters) to luxury houses a large area.Also we carry out the construction of houses "turnkey" for individual orders with a full range of works - from the drafting of a wooden house assembled before putting the house buyer.In addition to the houses are gazebos, saunas "turnkey", sheds and other buildings of economic purpose.

Perfect technology

Making log houses is carried out at the factory on the automated equipment German and Austrian production without the use of low-skilled manual labor.Building wooden houses is carried out directly on the object.

This technology allows:

  • Produce houses and baths from the beam of the highest quality with strictly the dimension.This means that the house will not be gaps, and any other defects after assembly.
  • houses constructed in no time!Assembling home from a bar made in a few days.Immediately after assembly, the house is ready for occupancy!

cottages, summer houses, saunas, gazebos, outbuildings from the company «Veek» - this is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to realize the dream of your own home!In this case you get a nice, warm, solid house with modern layout!

qualitative insulation

for insulation of wooden houses uses a unique technology - the "double beam", based on the use Ecowool that as the insulating material has a ton of advantages.


  • bulk, very light material, almost does not overload the structure and foundation of the house.
  • characterized by excellent thermal and sound insulating properties.Securely retains the heat in the house, even in the most severe frosts, and, therefore, saves energy consumption.
  • fully "breathable" material: not preclude the exchange of air in the wooden house.
  • serve as an additional protection for the design of bar-shaped house from rodents.

Ecowool as lumber - an eco-friendly material, consisting only of cellulose fibers (81%), borax (12%) and boric acid (7%).Each of these elements is completely natural and safe.

nice wooden house for a good life!

use of environmentally friendly and durable materials, well thought-out every detail, unique technology and quality control at every stage of production - from drying wood to packaging and transportation of finished housing sets allow the company to carry out the construction of houses in which you really want to live!

choosing products «Veek», do you prefer a beautiful, durable, really warm, friendly and affordable wooden houses, in which it is impossible not to fall in love.

View on we produce garden houses and assess their quality, you can at the exhibition site at the address.Kalinina, d. 3, tel. 956-33-90 , look at a warm home from a bar - Garden City to Lahti Lahti Prospect, 85, tel. 956-44-30 .You can also learn more about our products on the site and in the group in contact

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