Features of the house of laminated veneer lumber

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05 May 2016

before anyone decided to acquire their own housing in the first place stands a difficult question: From which to build a house? Although the market offers a variety of materials for the construction of houses - wood, and still holds a leading position.

But modern conditions of construction dictate specific requirements for the material.And if the house of logs and lumber have been known for a long time, the houses erected from laminated veneer lumber, appeared in our market relatively recently.

So forumhouse.ru people reading this article will learn:

  • about production technology of laminated veneer lumber;
  • about the advantages of houses from laminated veneer lumber;
  • On Cusp of houses from laminated veneer lumber.

Among the main advantages of laminated veneer lumber can be identified:

  • Compared with conventional wood, glulam has a higher strength, and it is warmer than usual timber;
  • Glued laminated timber has a clear geometry that facilitates and accelerates the process of building a house;
  • House of laminated veneer lumber is subject to minimal shrinkage - 1-2% per meter wall that allows you to immediately after the construction of the house to do the construction of communications and interior decoration;
  • Thanks factory fire - biosecurity glulam has high resistance to fire, mold and mildew;
  • walls of the house constructed of laminated veneer lumber does not require internal and external decoration.

The main disadvantage of laminated veneer lumber may include a high price at the initial stage of construction.

Features production of laminated veneer lumber

To tell in detail about the features of laminated veneer lumber, you first need to understand how it is produced.

Development Director "Cedar Manor" Maria Markova :

- First raw materials - high-quality beam falls on the production, where it is sawn into slats and discarded unusable material.Further sawn material is dried by the week.After drying, slats fall on gouging, where they removed all the irregularities and roughness.Then the slats are glued together and placed in a press, where the fins are finally formed in the timber and tested finish planer .The resulting preform rod is sent to the machine where the cut profile.

To dispel the doubts of some developers, it should be noted ecological houses from laminated veneer lumber, because as a binder for the slats used water-based glue, which does not contain formaldehyde .

During manufacture of laminated veneer lumber, there is another important point that you need to pay attention - antiseptirovanie.

This fire - biosecurity, which is 15-20% reduces the risk of fire, but also protects the material from all kinds of pests.

Preservative produced in the production of the solution allows to put all the surface of the bar 4, which provides better protection material.

Main profiles of laminated veneer lumber

To understand why glulam good at trapping heat in the house and provides a windscreen, you must know that there are three basic profile laminated veneer lumber.It


  1. Grebinka;
  2. Flat;
  3. two or three gear.

first profile feature is that because of the many teeth does not require installation mezhventsovogo insulation and protects the wall from blowing off.

second - the so-called Finnish profile is lighter in styling, but requires additional installation in the form of mezhventsovogo insulation.

Three toothed profile is considered to be the most versatile, as his wide teeth facilitate the process of packing timber and create protection against blowing.

should be remembered that in addition to a variety of laminated veneer lumber different profile height.The most common options - a 140 mm and 190 mm.

low beam is more convenient in installation and mounting as weighs less broad, but the house, built of timber outwardly low profile does not look so advantageous as the structure and solid, built from a higher bar.

Advantages of houses from laminated veneer lumber

According to management, the company "DDM Story" Faith Vavilova , The main advantages of houses made of glued beam can be attributed.

- Since glulam is only for today dry building material made of wood, thanks to this, glulam gives minimal shrinkage, it does not and is not spinning, the walls do not form big gaps.This makes it possible immediately after installation to install wall - roof, windows, doors, trim and do pursue engineering systems.Upon completion of all works, we can bring the furniture and enjoy life to the finished house.

Unlike laminated timber - frame assembled from ordinary timber, giving the shrinkage has to settle a year or two under a temporary roof, and then you can mount the roof, making the finish and carry out engineering.

walls of the house of laminated veneer lumber does not require additional insulation, roofing and other improvements, like the home of a material of natural moisture.In the houses of laminated veneer lumber is not necessary to carry out internal and external finishing.It is enough to paint the walls.

Thus, the home of laminated veneer lumber is much easier to operate than the house of wood of natural humidity.It is not necessary to caulk trim change with time and to eliminate the effects of the strong shrinkage.All of this - saves money and time builder.

Cusp House of laminated veneer lumber

Since all the details of a future home in advance numbered by the manufacturer, the construction of the house of laminated veneer lumber resembles the work of a designer.

Maria Markova:

- At the end of the production cycle has antiseptic glued wood stacked in bundles.And with each pack is an accompanying document, where all the details are spelled out in it, for further transportation to the site.

This approach allows you to quickly and fully intact to deliver the parts you need to build that reproaches and significantly simplifies the process of installing home.

So what are the features of the technology build the house of laminated veneer lumber?

Specialist Corporation "Good Wood" Dmitry Prusakov :

- best solution binding boards mating wall is a "profile and a cup" they stabbed in the tool bar at the factory.Profile has ligament system "Ship - Paz."

Spike maximum tightly inserted into the slot.Connection tongue and groove alternates in each of the next crown framework.This provides the necessary rigidity of the whole structure.

among themselves crowns are joined by means of dowel.Nagel placed in a special pre-drilled holes.Pins are wood and metal.It is preferable to use a wooden dowel, since it is made of the same material as the timber, hence an almost monolithic wall.It is important that the pins are completely dry installation.In this case, when the level of humidity timber and pin has adjusted, you will hear a little nog and sit tight that increases the strength of the coupling.

Although the frame of laminated veneer lumber is almost does not rain, to avoid any appearance of cracks in the power of the timber is inserted metal pins which subsequently pull together among themselves, leading to a dense crowns touch.

Maria Markova:

- As mezhventsovogo insulation is most often used jute cloth.

With this material, prevents the appearance of cracks after the shrinking home .

heat loss of houses from laminated veneer lumber

House of laminated veneer lumber does not require additional insulation.For year-round operation at home need to pre-select the material thickness, calculated on the temperature conditions in the construction area.

Dmitry Prusakov:

- designers and engineers periodically thermographic survey of houses built using thermal imagers.

These surveys demonstrate high levels of thermal insulation of houses from laminated veneer lumber.

Thus, choosing a building material laminated board, the customer gets a ready-heating circuit - do not require additional insulation, which allows to reduce the cost estimates for the construction.

However, if the outer sacrifice aesthetics bar-shaped house for year-round, you can build a wall thickness smaller, and to compensate for the heat to make external insulation to the facings.In this case, the thickness of the insulation is determined based on the selected region and the cladding material of construction.

Summing up we can say that the house, built of laminated veneer lumber is a high-tech design that requires high production and staff.

A higher initial material costs are compensated by the speed of erection of buildings and reduce the cost of insulation and final finishing houses, which ultimately allows you to quickly get a clean, stylish and modern housing.

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