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04 May 2016

most durable options - paving clinker and natural stone.But the lion's share of sales to date, belongs to the products of an economy class, in particular concrete paving stones manufactured by semi-dry vibro.Why it happened?Let's face it.

consumer demand, as is known, is formed on the basis of historical, social, cultural and economic conditions of development of a country, region, district, city.In areas rich with natural stone, roads and squares paved with cobblestones crushed and later - Cut granite.Many of them, in spite of centuries of service life, are used successfully today.But what to do if the stone is a deficit?Of course, mankind has sought him a worthy replacement, and in the middle of the XVIII century (in the Netherlands or Denmark) was found technology for manufacturing artificial stone, clay and water, called clinker, the characteristic ringing sounds at his rapping.During the XIX and early XX centuries clinker in Europe was at the peak of popularity.In Russia, clinker production starte

d in 1884.Roads lined with clay pavers, fully met the expectations of the inventors, they have survived and look great.

Technology vibrocompression volume of moist concrete (sand and cement) sidewalk paving was designed and implemented at the end of the XX century, the German company HESS MaschinenfabrikGmbH & amp; Co.KG.Certainly, inexpensive and fairly durable material, application and quickly found its adherents, at least among the enterprises of mass road construction.However, the maximum service life vibropressed concrete tile, which according to some (but not all!) Of its producers, is 30 years.

agree that the difference in 200 years or more (clinker), when compared with the service life of concrete analogue, is very high.And when you consider the fact of climate change in recent years (in Western Europe, the number of alternating temperature changes during the year, on average, from 20 to 25 cycles), the vibropressed concrete blocks, with 200 frost cycles will last 8-10 years on the force.The individual items will be destroyed after two or three years, and will require partial renovation paved area.

Now count the number of times (for 100 years) will have to shift the road or pavement, paved concrete tiles?In the best case - 4 times, and in the worst - 12 times.Plus - preventive replacement of single products.

cost vibropressed sidewalk paving stones depends on the thickness and color.For example, when the minimum thickness of 3 cm, unstained tile price about 300 rubles \ m2, and color - 400 rubles \ m2.Sett maximum thickness of 7 cm will cost you, respectively, for 400-700 rubles \ m2 *.

Paving is more expensive.Its price also depends on the thickness, quality and brand.The finest products, 4-4.5 cm thick can be purchased for 1250-2000 rubles. \ M2 and a thickness of 7.1 cm tile will cost for 3000-3500rub \ m2.However, given the long life of clinker (100 years or more), it is economically more expedient *.

When selecting a material for paving and it is necessary to take into account the costs of operation: for clinker coating they are 5-10 times lower than for the coating of concrete paving stones vibropressed.Now

strength.Vibro-pressed concrete blocks has a high compressive strength (about 400 kg \ cm2), which allows to use it for paving areas with high technical load.However, clinker products have even higher strength indicator (650-800kg \ cm2).In addition, the concrete pavement contraindicated strong mechanical shock.

Paving Pavement cobbles different and higher rates of frost resistance, resistance to abrasion, to aggressive alkaline and acidic components of the environment.Clinker has antislip surface.Water absorption of concrete pavers vibropressed - less than 6%, while the clinker is minimal - less than 3%, it can be used to design any object, without exception, including those in contact with water.

For most consumers, the fundamental factor in the choice is the appearance of the material.In the case of concrete paving stones vibropressed we deal usually with gray unpainted products, and, for a change, select any of the three or four available colors.The form is also limited to five or six options.

Paving - this is, above all, designer stuff!The color scheme is striking - from the bright colors and delicate straw to deep, rich brown-red, blue-black, motley and monotone.The size and shape varied - allow you to create original mosaic plots in recreational areas, oval frame for flower beds, fountains and ponds.Especially delicious products "handmade", artificially aged surface.

In conclusion, we say that clay pavers - an environmentally friendly, 100% natural material.The entire game is achieved through different shades of clay composition and technological methods, passed down from generation to generation.In Europe there is now a new peak of popularity of this material is unsurpassed.The Russians also available an extensive choice of collections clay pavers, samples which are always available in the showroom of "Slavda."

* Warning!The article shows the average retail price for June 2013.The article is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is not a public offer.For more detailed information, please contact the sales department of the company "Slavda."

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