Large format blocks RAUF Therme

By Admin | Building Materials
04 May 2016

It would seem - there is nothing easier, safer and more practical, but the technology is not standing still, and the replacement of an ordinary brick came large-scale blocks RAUF Therme.

The main advantages of large-format units include their environmental friendliness, durability and strength, good sound insulation properties and teploinertsionnost.This is an economical material - it reduces the need for masonry mortars, and by choosing the optimal dimensions of the blocks with the pace of construction of buildings increased substantially.

Excellent thermal insulation properties RAUF Therme are formed on the basis of three main factors.This is the percentage of voids, the structure and the degree of voids porization.Emptiness RAUF Therme high - about 52%.Wall of RAUF Therme, a thickness of 510 mm.its characteristics correspond meter wall of brick, which is the main competitor of this material.Important role played by the unique honeycomb voids which have a diamond shape.The length of the walls in

large format ceramic block because this structure allows to increase the length of the cold bridge and maximize thermal performance.

low thermal conductivity of large-block RAUF Therme allows them to withstand competition from the aerated concrete, concrete blocks and wood.However, this material distinguishes high density.As a result, the block has a high thermal inertia, thus reducing heating costs in winter and cooling the air conditioning in the summer.

Each large-format unit can replace several standard size bricks.This is the largest of them equal to the volume of 14.3 bricks, weighs 22-23 kg, which allows you to work without an assistant, and 2-3 times faster.A professional will be able to put up to 8 cubes of masonry shift - and it is incredibly high.The side surfaces are gypsum partition structure, so laying becomes easier and more efficient.

assortment of large format blocks RAUF Therme for the best material for masonry exterior walls and interior partitions.An important advantage is lightweight porous stone, which reduces the load on the foundation by 40-50%.This large-format blocks have excellent performance characteristics: brand strength M100, 100 frost cycles, water absorption - up to 11%.This ensures the life of the house, built with RAUF Therme, at least 100 years.Not surprisingly, the demand for these porous blocks growing.

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