Cork flooring

By Admin | Building Materials
03 May 2016
coverings made from natural environmental materials - cork oak have unique properties, which together no one other finishing material.

coatings are made from environmentally friendly raw materials - natural cork oak beech family, where the Portuguese plantations of trees never watered and treated with chemical fertilizers.

Exceptional material properties are determined by its structure.The structure of the cork like a cell out of millions of multilayer cells, impermeable to water and filled with a mixture of gaseous - nitrogen and oxygen.This allows traffic to recover its original shape after a physical impact or pressure on her and provides excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics.

cork flooring, which is easy, convenient and pleasant to walk significantly alleviate stress on the joints and spine, reduce noise while walking, have a significant slip resistance and do not require special care.

Cork as a natural antistatic not electrified, not gathering dust, has excellent anti-allergi
c properties.In addition, the tube does not decay, to rodents, immune to mold, without releasing hazardous emissions does not support combustion.

Large range of decorative and building and finishing materials from natural cork will create a unique atmosphere of natural warmth and comfort of your apartment or a country house.

Cork flooring requires a minimum of work: plug effectively "extinguish" the noise and creates a distinct feeling of comfortable warmth without heating, environmentally friendly and resistant to abrasion and dirt, beautiful and diverse texture and hue, and the ornament on the floor that costs a lotcheaper

Keep in mind, when the plug is selected as the floor covering, insulation issue is solved automatically when saving money.Incidentally, cork tiles, laid on the contact adhesive not only insulate and soundproof the floor in a humid room (bathroom), but would eliminate the tile and waterproofing.An important indicator

flooring is its versatility in terms of the operating conditions.You agree that plank flooring in the kitchen or in the bathroom - an absurdity: a week there is not much to look at.Equally absurd would look in the living room, and even more so in the bedroom, ceramic tile.Cork, from the viewpoint of versatility is unrivaled.Cork flooring is equally well in the bathroom, swimming pool, in the kitchen, hallway and bedroom.Cork covering lay even in offices and restaurants.In many ways, this contributes to easy and not burdensome care stopper.

Certainly, professionalism at nastilke cork flooring is required, and disparagingly refer to it should not be: the alignment of the base, precise and accurate cutting of sheets and ownership of the technology laying them on the contact adhesive coating and polyurethane varnish.In addition, the tube is easily toned that, with certain skills, you can create on the floor beautiful and original interiors.

Many may doubt that the varnish will not last long, and the appearance of cork quickly lose its beauty.But this is not so.Cork floor covering is recommended polyurethane varnish, which is characterized by high wear resistance.This confirms the excellent state of the cork floors in offices and restaurants, subject to heavy loads.But even such a stable varnish begins to fade over time.

To care for cork flooring with lacquer is a special detergent with a high wax content.During cleaning (one every 10 days), it is applied on a sponge tube and allowed to dry for one hour.As a result, formed on the surface durable protective wax film.Consumption structure is very economical: diluted in plenty of water.

techno - economic indicators cork

Efficient noise reduction - up to 36 dB in a wide range of sound;

Low thermal conductivity: the air temperature on the surface of the plug are equal;

high density and elasticity (biaxial strain, does not exceed 5%) eliminates dents from furniture and heels ladies' shoes;

Unlike synthetics, is anti-static materials;

not absorb moisture, does not rot and does not serve as habitat for a variety of microorganisms and insects;

not absorb grease and dirt is always clean;

well machined: cut and polished;

toning alcohol-based stain and thus does not lose its texture;

Comes in sheets (thickness 4 mm) and as a multi-layered cork flooring (thickness 10 -12 mm).