Paint Dulux Diamond Matt has been tested abroad

By Admin | Building Materials
03 May 2016

testing confirmed that the Dulux Trade Diamond Matt forming 10 times more durable coating over conventional inks.

The paint was tested under test (as compared to competing products) by two parameters: resistance to washing and resistance to stains.

Resistance to washing

Resistance to washing was tested as follows.Paints were applied to the test surface, the layer thickness was exactly the same for all tested paints.After drying and pre-soak, covered with paint panel carefully weighed.Then subjected directly to the test: wet multiple washing cycles by means of mechanical device performing reciprocating movement on rubbing the colored surface.The washed and dried surface again weighed to determine mass loss and compare the results.

As a result, testing has shown that the wear of paint Dulux Trade Diamond Matt since 2000 wash cycles corresponds to wear washable interior paint after 200 cycles, which means that the Dulux Trade Diamond Matt 10 timesmore resistant to washing (compari

son was made with paints Vinyl Silk and Vinyl Matt.)

In the actual use paint Dulux Diamond Matt withstand more than 5000 washing cycles with the use of abrasive detergents.Thus the paint Dulux Trade Diamond Matt shows maximum resistance to washing among all paints Dulux Trade.

Resistance to stains

addition, Dulux Trade Diamond Matt 10 times more resistant to stains than standard paint, which reduces the need for repainting.

This is due to the use of a special paint binder significantly less moisture permeable than the standard colors.As a result, staining is much more difficult to soak into the paint layer, which means that the surface coated with Dulux Trade Diamond Matt, is much easier to keep clean.

How to test for resistance to stains?The test surface covered with the same spots on the ten most common household products (England): coffee, tea, red wine, black currant juice, mustard, ketchup, sauce "pikalilli" sauce "curry" and then spotted on a marker and pencil.Then the surface is exposed to the same mechanical effects as in the test for friability.

According to the results of the test paint Dulux Trade Diamond Matt confirmed larger than its competitors, resistance to staining, especially to stains from red wine, tea and black currant juice.

abrasion affects the cost?

At the conclusion of the British experts, average commercial buildings use paint Dulux Trade Diamond Matt may extend the time until the next repair up to 5 years, instead of the usual 2 years with standard inks.

resistance to stains also means that the surface is covered with paint retain a beautiful appearance to 5 years instead of the usual three years.Thus, thanks to Dulux Trade Diamond Matt will ensure saving time and money, as the repair is required less often.

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