"Tow or sealant" or "Tow and sealants"?

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02 May 2016

between the logs are always structural cracks - seams to be sealed, so that through them did not happen freezing and blowing.Furthermore, the joints logs - the most suitable place for the development of mold and mildew.

Recently in the pages of the Internet are increasingly found the questions, arguments, debates and discussions on the subject that is better used for sealing joints and cracks mezhventsovogo, as well as for sealing cracks in logs and lumber: long known all tow or modernspecifically designed for such purposes sealants?From the information that is now present in various forums, articles and comments may think that a tow and sealant - interchangeable materials and the use of a fully eliminates the need for another.In fact - this is not true.

First of all, it should be understood that the assembly of the product (home, for example) and sealing joints mezhventsovogo this product - it's two different kinds of work.And just at the stage of assembling the house you will certainly need hemp, j

ute or any other sealing material.

Imagine that you collect log cabin.Structurally, the ideal log exists, however anyway be necessary in some connecting and sealing material to be laid between the beams.And that's so popular today sealants are indispensable for finishing already assembled structures to provide additional thermal insulation, protection from moisture and Development bioporazheny.

GC Rogneda - domestic manufacturer of materials for building and repair, one of the first released on the Russian market seam sealer for wood Eurotex.The company says: tow and sealant materials are not interchangeable!

for efficient, high-quality, professional and durable sealing joints mezhventsovogo, these materials should be used in combination, complement each other.

So how properly conduct the work on sealing the joints mezhventsovogo?

  1. at build homes, you must firmly zachekanit linen or jute hemp in mezhventsovogo seams (IV).
  2. then it is important to carefully prepare the surface: in the sealing zone of clean wood shavings, sawdust, dust, dirt, rot and other damage.
  3. before sealing joints and cracks with a cross-sectional area sealed 5smĀ² (III).The seal is needed, especially in order to ensure the adhesion of the sealant only to adjacent edges of the timber (I), but not to their inner surface.This will work as a sealant or elastic membrane stretched between two surfaces without the possibility of separation.
  4. Actually, sealing: Eurotex can be applied with a spatula, syringe or a special pistol in one layer.Consumption of the product depends on the size joint / crack and is selected so that the resulting layer thickness is from 4 to 10mm.Smooth seam and give it the desired shape can be a wooden spatula, spatula (jointing) specially shaped rubber roller for rolling upholstery seams or even a finger dipped soapy water.

What problems solves the sealant and why apply it after konopatki?

  1. During the shrinkage of wood gaps between the logs can either narrow , and expand.Once laid the insulation is insufficient, and they have to re-patch.In the first year after construction it is recommended to repeat three times tow tamping procedure to avoid blowing and freezing of joints.Application of seam sealer for wood Eurotex eliminate the need for re-caulking.This elastomeric composition (elongation - 200%), it can withstand the natural progress log, not rastreskivayas and flaking, "moves" with the tree, expanding and contracting without loss of integrity of the joint.
  2. Tow and jute - varnish prey for birds , who take away the material from the joints, thereby "exposing" them.Insulation must constantly add, and this is - the additional costs and time.Sealant is for the birds and insects entirely unattractive, therefore, to use this product, you hereby protect the tow and the need to constantly carry out reprocessing disappear.
  3. In thicker insulation often infest insects , who crushed material, and it just poured out of the joint.Using sealant eliminates penetration of insects into the space between the logs.And disappears risk of destruction not only of the sealant, and tow, and, in fact, wood.
  4. Tow does not completely seal the seam .But under the influence of changes in temperature, humidity and rainfall, this material eventually loses its properties, and logs the joints begin to develop bioporazheniya.At the same time, seams and cracks processed further Eurotex, fully sealed , that not only a few times reduces heat loss, but also prevents the ingress of moisture into the slot and Development mezhventsovogo bioporazheny.

addition to the above, the sealant has a number of important properties:

  • work it is possible not only to seal the seams mezhventsovogo, but also to seal the end and side cracks.As a result of the emergence and development of cracks at times the thermal conductivity of wood falls and only sealant able to solve this problem
  • addition of warmth and comfort, Eurotex sealant maintains a favorable microclimate in the building, it forms a vapor permeable coating, and does not interfere with natural ventilation
  • Composition standeven extreme temperatures - from - 50 to 70 degrees, therefore suitable for use in all climatic zones can be used for caulking both outside and inside the structure.And hold joint sealing it can be used at any stage of "life" at home - immediately after construction and during operation.

And other advantages sealant Eurotex is attributed its environmental (not part of the air allocates any harmful substances) and aesthetics. palette of 4 basic shades allows you to choose the color of the wood sealer, or to provide effective contrast.A plastic composition makes it possible to form a beautiful seam concave, straight or convex shape.

Good luck building!

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