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By Admin | Building Materials
01 May 2016

insulation increases the cost of 2-5%, and the market price of houses insulated by 10-25% higher than that of standard designs.Beneficial to all: builders earn more homeowners - spend less on heating.Thermal insulation materials are a barrier to heat loss.It contributes to this their low thermal conductivity, good water vapor permeability and the inability to accumulate a moisture.But these characteristics are only high-quality thermal insulation materials, such as basalt slabs Paroc.

spectrum of thermal insulation materials in the construction market in Russia is extremely wide.Among this diversity is valued versatility products.We are not talking about cheap rolls of mineral wool, which are often widely used for other purposes.In most cases it is used for a blind, showing customers use in the construction of modern materials.Really good assistant builder are such products as Paroc eXtra.

slabs of stone wool based on basalt fiber Paroc eXtra used in the insulation of walls, floors, intermediate

floors.This is an excellent material for thermal insulation of attics, basement walls.Plate Paroc eXtra has a balanced price, convenient for installation between floor joists and completing construction of interior partitions.It does not cake during the whole period of operation, while maintaining its properties.It can be used as sound insulation layer for protection from street noise and traffic.

Besides great sound insulation properties of stone wool boards have a number of significant advantages.One of the main advantages of Paroc eXtra - low flammability, so you can use these products to improve the fire resistance of frame structures.The sintering temperature of plates - 1000 ° C, which is not surprising, because the fiber is prepared for it in kilns at 1500ºS.Due to the elasticity of the material Paroc eXtra Installation is made easy and simple, reduced labor costs and increased the pace of work.This is especially appreciated builders with insulation roofing construction.

Established Basalt fiber plate is a dense material.This property has a positive effect on the ability to prevent convection, which is one of the main methods of heat transfer.The lower the convection, the better the thermal insulation properties and structure of basalt slabs allows them to successfully confront this kind of heat.Even with the severe frosts Paroc eXtra actively resists heat transfer, allowing you to store heat in the house or office.All this justifies the use of the material in the residential and industrial construction.

Slavda Company is the official dealer of concern Paroc.Buy insulation Paroc you a new online store.If you have any questions about this product, you can contact the Sales Department Slavda at +7 (812) 337-51-51 (St. Petersburg), +7 (495) 640-95-51, +7 (495) 640-51-51 (Moscow), 8-800-333-51-51 (all Russia, toll-free).

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