Collection of water resistant cork floors HYDROCORK from Corkstyle

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30 April 2016

Cork floors stele in apartments, holiday homes and offices.Due to the large number of designs cork floors, cork from natural veneer and ending with your own design, which is applied to the stopper by a printing (not to mention the professional designer collections floors), cork flooring can now go literally under any, even the most complex and eclecticinterior.

But earlier castle cork flooring (based HDF) professionals recommend putting everywhere except rooms with high humidity (in fact, as well as flooring, laminate flooring and parquet) because of the presence of vulnerabilities - the joints between the dies or, in other words,seams.A long stay at the junctions of the water seeps between the dies and results in soaking base and as a result, swelling of joints.By itself, the water tube is not afraid, but the foundation dies, HDF-plate is not waterproof.Save the floor in this case is no longer possible, we can only make replacement plates with new ones.

Corkstyle company decided this problem cardinal

way, and created a collection of interlocking cork moisture resistant coating called HYDROCORK.

Collection Hydrocork different from other cork floors that basis dies - HDF-stove, replaced by a water-resistant HYDRO-base.The combination of hydro-base with a special cork agglomerate compression provides 100% humidity the floor, so the floor of the collection HYDROCORK can be used in places such as the bathroom and kitchen.

flooring collection HYDROCORK, as traditional cork floors have excellent thermal insulation, durability and elasticity.Each die has a more acoustic substrate which provides additional sound insulation.

The castle floors HYDROCORK easy to put yourself through connection UNICLIC, which provides a virtual absence of thresholds and technological gaps.

HYDROCORK The collection consists of six architectural design, which applied to the stopper by direct digital printing.Each die is covered with a varnish coating hot HotCoating, thereby increasing the durability of the floor.

Here are just three reasons why HYDROCORK cork flooring can be laid in the kitchen and in the bathroom:

  1. You can easily select one of six original designs included in the collection HYDROCORK, which is right for your kitchen set.
  2. Flooring HYDROCORK 100% water resistant, which means that you can not worry about the water spilled on the floor, even if it remained on the floor for a long time.
  3. Collection HYDROCORK has an elastic surface - thanks to this property utensils, uronennaya casually on the floor, not broken to pieces.

Collection cork floors HYDROCORK unique.Buying flooring collection of waterproof, you get a reliable original floor that will stay with you for years to come and will be a reliable partner in the creation of home comfort.

Collection Hydrocork Corkstyle presented by the company in six of the original design.Learn more about the collection can be in a special section of the catalog Corkstyle, at the following address:

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