The new trend in construction - customized solutions for facades

By Admin | Building Materials
29 April 2016

Currently the construction market offers a variety of possibilities for the realization of the most daring fantasies.An important aspect of this work - the design, material selection and construction - is the selection of facing bricks.After all, a house wall - is the first thing people see.And the appearance of the facade of the house is estimated and the impression of his host, do not always have the opportunity to get inside and evaluate the interior.Therefore, maximum attention in the construction of the mansion or holiday home should be given the choice of facing brick.

excellent and modern materials for the individual project will house a unique hand-formed bricks from the group Wienerberger.Terca Bricks have the widest selection of colors, sizes and textures surface.Their product range includes more than 500 types of facing bricks hand-molding such as: Aurora, Bijou, Milano, and many others.

This range allows you to not just build a wall of the house, but also gives you the opportunity to expre

ss their individuality and taste.Choose the color of the bricks under the mosaic pattern, combined with the color of the walls of the house color outbuildings, paths, lawns and flower beds lining.In this article I would like to stay at the Austrian group Wienerberger updates.

novelty brand Terca bricks are SlimBrick.It is hand-molded bricks produced at Dutch factories Wienerberger.The lineup includes two types SlimBrick and SlimBrick XL.This brick has a narrow size 230h70h50 millimeters and 230x70x110 millimeters, which allows not only to make a beautiful facade, but also reduce the load on the foundation and reduce the cost of consumables.

worth paying attention to the width of these bricks.And the standard size, and size XL have a width of 70 millimeters.In this way you can further insulate the walls, the width will remain the standard masonry.Format XL has special grooves thanks to which masonry has polymetric view, that is, looks like brickwork of different sizes.SlimBrick Terca - this convenience masonry, with a minimum flow rate of the solution.

low weight is achieved through the three holes in the body of bricks that retain an air layer, which increases thermal insulation.Thus bricks have high strength.These characteristics brick convenient and easy to work, which in turn reduces the time for the construction of walls.

also include novelties concern popular Belgian brick Terca ILUZO from the company Wienerberger.Form brick ILUZO developed a special way.Due to technical decision maker, masonry brick ILUZO looks homogeneous structure.Brick structure allows very thin seam - seam thickness is reduced from 14 to 4 millimeters.In this solution into the cavity brick, and the thickness of the seam is sufficient -14-12 millimeters, but visually it becomes very thin.ILUZO has dimensions of 238x88x48 millimeters and the view of the old brick.Because of this wall, built of brick Terca ILUZO, have an unusual appearance, and differs from the rest of the walls of houses.That in turn gives a vivid personality entire building.

Another popular novelty from the company Wienerberger, a bolt hand-formed bricks Terca.This brick is made on the Dutch plants Bemmel group Wienerberger.Brick 430h110h38 millimeters in size has different shades of the standard colors: yellow, gray, red, brown.In this way it allows to implement any design ideas and projects.This bolt brick is not only suitable for cladding the outside walls, but also for interior decoration.

During the transom brick veneer can be combined with other types of bricks that allows you to create unusual combinations in the decoration.An interesting view of the masonry is suitable for both private homes and cottages, and for high-rise buildings and commercial buildings.View all new bricks TERCA please visit the company 'Slavda "or in our showrooms.

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