Wooden house of the future, or technology NATURI

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27 April 2016

What to choose - Dr. Erevo, aerated or warm ceramics ? These questions arise before any developer decided to build a house.And if the stone houses are traditionally associated with reliable and durable buildings hardly shrink, the house, built of timber, in spite of the excellent climate, as they say: «lives the life», for a long time, continuing to shrink and forcing their owners to waitfinished.

But is it possible to combine the strength of concrete monolithic structure with the advantages of a wooden house?Until recently, most users forumhouse.ru would answer this question in the negative, but the technology is not standing still - every year in Europe growing popularity of the method of erection of a wooden house NATURI , or as it is called - technology of erection of the houseof a vertically mounted timber .

Although the country is considered to be the progenitor of this technology Austria, it is known that in Russia, more 150 years ago, built a home placing logs vertically.And

if in our country, this technology is still little known, in countries such as - Germany, France and Austria, this method of construction of wooden houses has gained a lot of fans.

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Technology NATURI - Western approach

Creator technology is considered Georg Ganaus.

Austrian puzzled question - how to build energy-efficient and high-tech building made of wood and at the same time get rid of such a significant problem as shrinking.And, as the urban legend, the problem he suggested the nature.

After a tree trunk, raised up, can withstand a load of 5 times greater than the stacked horizontally.

remains only to find a way to solve the installation and another problem, namely - to save a wooden house on such an operation as the caulking.Taking the technology of laminated veneer lumber, Georg Ganaus perfected it, having achieved that, after the installation of the vertical timber wall turns into a wooden monolith and has a view of the final coating.

In 2000, he built the first house on the technology NATURI.

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So what is the essence of this technology?Wall is going on the principle of the puzzle of the small bars.As seen in the photo beam has a complex cross-sectional drawing, which allows using the system connections groove / ridge and additional fixing with Nagel, collect virtually any wall thickness and shape.

For vertical stacking timber can create any curved surfaces, and due to the fact that between the beams remains a small gap, which contains air, the wall does not require additional insulation.

Also note the huge strength of the assembled wall.This is achieved due to the fact that wood is initially dry and contains a small percentage of water is supplied to the building site in a special thermal insulating film, and a little after assembly of the boards gaining moisture from the air and swelled literally tightly engaged with each other.

House of the vertical bar is easy going, but thanks to the technological features of the above it can not be disassembled.

to secure the beam vertically mounted in the base, is used two technological solutions:

  1. The foundation of technological advance made holes - slots into which you can install a vertical bar, but it can lead to rotting of the lower end, so often applied the following method.
  2. on the foundation laid horizontally impregnated fire - and biosecurity lumber - this is done to ensure that the ends of the vertically mounted timber not rot.Then, this timber - called the accountant crown, secured a special board with holes for the pins through which the boards are fastened to each other

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One of the advantages of technology NATURI is that for exterior and interior finishes, you can use different types of wood.For example: to decorate the outside of the house does not absorb moisture and rotting larch and inside beneficial to health and microclimate in the house of cedar.

Moreover, due to the small consumption of expensive material reduces the overall cost of the house of the vertical bar, and as the manufacturers say the price of 1m2 of the house is lower than a similar house erected on the area of ​​glued lumber.

Another advantage of this technology is the fact that the house of a vertical beam through the microgap between the decorative paneling and beams is called "breathing", but the wind, because of the complex internal structure of the wall can not priniknut through walls.

So, we can say that this technology is having a lot of indisputable advantages, such as the:

  1. House is actually going on the principle designer.All elements are made in advance in the factory, and for installation of the boards because of their ease of not require recourse to a complex technology, which reduces the time for the construction of homes;
  2. walls have a great strength and a flat geometry, and thanks to the flexibility of installation designers and customers the opportunity to give the walls of any shape;
  3. For walls do not require additional insulation or windscreen, and the house can withstand greater snow loads;
  4. Virtually no shrinkage at home, thanks to wall connection groove / ridge and additional fastening Nagel does not lead, even during seasonal temperature fluctuations;
  5. House at the end of the construction is ready to move, and the surface of the walls has a view of the final coating, eliminating the need for their owners to produce finishing.

But, as they say, every coin has a flip side:

  1. Due to a complex system of connections the boards for the manufacture of precision necessary to use thread-milling equipment;
  2. Construction of houses can be entrusted only to a well trained and highly skilled team of collectors;
  3. All items are future home via computer simulation, as the slightest deviation from the project could lead to the accumulation of errors and one uneven or curved bar laid able to spoil the whole wall.

Thus, summing up we can say that, despite all the advantages of building a house on technology NATURI requires a responsible approach and the above features lead to a marked increase in the construction budget.

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