Beauty underfoot: Gameday make garden paths Forms

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26 April 2016

Determined to elevate your site, the participant _KM_ eye on the construction market forms to create concrete tracks.This variant - much cheaper purchases of paving tiles, and the picture looked quite such a track aesthetically pleasing.And, most importantly, such a self-made concrete slab is cast directly on the site, after curing it is not necessary to install.True, new posts were doubts about its durability.


- form - it's beautiful, but please tell me whether there was some experience of operating these tracks at least a few years?Just a road production of tiles, so it does not crack or crumble - a complex process that requires the precision of proportions and the mixture and thoroughly mix and vibro and steaming product ... Is it possible to somehow bring this quality of home-made products?

Indeed, many participants have already poured concrete curly shape.However, in some tracks "under the paving stones" serve faithfully for five or six years, whil

e others - fell apart into small pebbles in his first season.According to members of the forum, the first factor affecting the long life - the quality of the base.

1. Prepare the ground for tracks from decorative concrete

First we need to mark out territory: apply the border of the future tracks or platforms that are intended to pave homemade concrete tiles.It is important that the base is flat, with no significant height differences.Validating igo131019671 gives the recipe for the preparation of the base concrete tracks:

- Base, geotextile (Dorn), then gravel, top - 5 cm layer of sand. Everything is good ramming and then fill the tile.

However, it should be borne in mind that at this point, much depends on the type of soil.

That's what they say about this in our forum:


- We have, for example, clay soils are solid track "fit like a glove" without any preparation from the bottom.Training "the mind" for a small tile will not help.


- And I have a gorgeous peat moss around the site.I do this foundation for longer than the tile will have.

But what if you need to enter the track into an existing lawn?It can be laid directly on top of the form of grass?Validating Simply Santa advises shoot turf:

- makes it very simple: put the form at the place where he wanted to see their tiles.Ordinary plaster with a trowel cut through the sod around the perimeter of the form.Dern is removed, the base of a little sand leveled and compacted "tolkushkoy" if necessary.He establishes the form and then fill it with a solution.

2. Knead concrete

next step is perhaps the most crucial in the process of manufacturing the tiles - the preparation of concrete.This will require a number of materials: cement (grade M400), sand, crushed stone (fraction 5-20), a plasticizer.The latter allows to reduce the amount of water and kneading to reduce the number of pores in the concrete, preventing its destruction during the freezing-thawing.Furthermore, the plasticizer will make the surface smoother.

Tip: pay attention to the date of manufacture of cement and do not buy it for the future, t. To. This stuff even when properly stored up losing 10% of its strength over the last month.

On our forum there is one theme devoted to laying tracks from decorative concrete, where the participants are also eager to share their experiences.


- Concrete made from a mixture of cement, sand and gravel (fraction 5-20) in a ratio of 1: 2: 3 in volume with the addition of plasticizer (one liter per one cubic meter of solution).It is also advantageous to add fibers in fiber solution (600 g per 1 cubic meter) providing reinforcement of the plastic layer.

It is best to prepare concrete mixer used, as it will greatly facilitate the work and save time.But if there is no concrete mixers, concrete can be prepared by thoroughly mixing the ingredients in the trough.

exception of at least one ingredient from the concrete will significantly reduce the quality of the coating.

3. Place a shape on the basis of a prepared

So, it's time to pour the solution into the molds.Since tiles cast in place (ie, in contrast to the factory pavement tiles after drying it will not have to be laid), forms put directly on the prepared surface - pad of a geotextile, compacted sand and gravel.To further shape was easily removed from the curable concrete Gameday advise lubricate.


- Forms need to use several times with linseed oil to grease or machine oil.

4. fresh concrete into forms

During placement of concrete it is important to make the surface smooth, without grooves and mounds, using a leveling trowel.It is necessary to act quickly and clearly.

How compacted in the form of a solution?Forum users are advised to do this by hand or with a special vibrator for concrete.

After the concrete has little grab, forms must be removed - some forum users do it in 4-5 hours after pouring concrete when the density becomes comparable to the density of clay, someone waits a half to two days.

To increase strength, hardness of the concrete, as well as protect it from moisture, removing the form, some forum users have resorted to the procedure zheleznenija.


- cement - is a way to improve the quality of the outer surface of the concrete by rubbing in the fresh concrete cement powder.

5. stained concrete

If a natural gray concrete seem boring to you, or design portion requires bright colors, concrete can be colored.Here's how to give the tracks color our forum users:


- On ironed layer of concrete evenly scatter dye so that it completely covers the entire area to be treated.The dye penetrates deeply into the pores of layer, and it is not only colors, but also strengthens the surface.Within a few minutes the dye powder absorbs moisture.Convinced that dry patches are not left, his smooth trowel, removing grooves and irregularities.Then, the procedure of filling and leveling dye repeated once.

But what an interesting way of painting the track "popular" means offering new posts b_l_e_f:

- I used ferric chloride.Tablespoon per 2 liters of water, splashing through ordinary sprayer.Spray fresh concrete need (I did it for 3-4 days), the old turns out not so impressive.I do not know how to behave in such a painting in the cold, but the autumn rains stood.

forum participants also decorate homemade fresh concrete mosaic pattern laying small pieces of colored tiles, carefully vtaplivaya them in the solution.It is useful to the rest of the repairs in the building tiles.Previously it break into pieces with a hammer.

6. Check readiness concrete

During the first week of the concrete will actively recruit strength, the process This lasts for 28-30 days.In hot weather the tiles in setting moisturize, pouring out watering can.Also for smaller evaporation of moisture in the first few days can be covered with polyethylene film products.


- If weather conditions are favorable for decorative concrete garden path you can walk within 10-14 days.

7. seams are sealed

When the concrete gained strength left to put the finishing touches - seal the joints between the tiles.


- After drying, sand fall asleep the entire track, well watered and then sweeping the stiff brush.When spilling sand fill joints between the stones, and they would not jump at your feet.

Cons application forms for placing concrete tracks

Though the merits of the forms for the concrete tracks many forum users say and cons:


- All forms one drawback: after pouring the solutionsidewalls bursting.Closely tiles are not laid.I made a wooden frame, and put him in shape.

Dmitriy.L .:

- Here's shortcomings: First, get a thin layer - no more than five centimeters.Secondly, after pouring need to catch the moment when taking this form: early snimesh - concrete raspolzetsya late - fall asleep with a form or something falls off a piece.Finally, the slowness of the process: for there was an effect, you need to have at least three of these forms.

Learn all the features of decorative concrete track with the help of special forms you can here.Also, learn useful tips and fresh ideas can be the subject of our forum.And watch this video, you'll learn how to get a site simple steps track and illuminated garden path.