PAROC FAS B - product for plaster facades

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25 April 2016

use in such systems is only high-quality thermal insulation, for example PAROC FAS B - innovative product of one of the leading producers of basalt slabs Paroc Group.

Properties and main advantages PAROC FAS B

created from stone wool slab PAROC FAS B has a high stiffness, which managed to achieve at the expense of a special plexus subtle and strong fibers.They are produced at high temperatures of rock melts.The absence of shrinkage during the lifetime ensures a tight seal plates to each other and facade insulation quality.

for thermal insulation plaster facade, is important not only compressive strength and peel layers.The plaster is applied to the heater, under the weight of the top layer must not break away from the other layers of the plate.PAROC FAS B structure is such that the insulation can withstand the weight of the outer plaster layer, ensuring the safety of the operation.

High vapor PAROC FAS B allows the walls to dry after construction, or in the case of emergency hydration.This mak

es the characteristics of the thermal conductivity of the most stable in the insulation prevents the formation of mold or mildew.It should be noted flammability PAROC FAS B, which helps prevent the development of a fire.

One of the important advantages of the thermal insulation PAROC is high quality raw materials.Plastering associated with the wet process in the case where the insulation is made from low-quality feedstock with a large number of impurities are dissolved and slags on the plaster surface stains appear.Remove them only in costly repairs.

Scope slabs PAROC FAS B

basalt slabs PAROC FAS B recommended for use in a thin layer of plaster facade.Major applications - insulation of low-rise buildings: private houses, small commercial properties.During the construction of high-rise residential complexes insulation PAROC FAS B are recommended for warming of loggias and balconies.

Fix the plate with a special glue on the load-bearing structures, further secure the poppet dowels.Before applying plaster pose reinforced base layer.Reinforcing fiberglass mesh base.

as protective and decorative material of the plaster facade using cement, silicone, acrylic plaster.They applied to the prepared substrate after dialing them strength, ensuring perfect results in aesthetic terms.

Slavda Company is the official dealer of concern Paroc.Buy insulation Paroc you a new online store.If you have any questions about this product, you can contact the Sales Department Slavda at +7 (812) 337-51-51 (St. Petersburg), +7 (495) 640-95-51, +7 (495) 640-51-51 (Moscow), 8-800-333-51-51 (all Russia, toll-free).

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