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20 May 2016
Our first building of this nature was a patio in the courtyard.Of course, the most convenient location of this type of gazebo is possible with a niche in the construction of the house.In this case, the need to fence it from all sides disappears from view.But this can be corrected by raising certain vertical element - as the protection from wind and prying eyes.This can be a neat wall sheared shrubs and wooden or metal grid as a support for annual or perennial vines.It is easy to help you create a screen grapes, Actinidia, honeysuckle, wisteria, kalistegiya, Campsis, morning glory, clematis, etc.depending on the location and weather conditions.

material for the construction of the patio, we chose oak, becausewith time in the middle of its stem accumulate tanning properties and resin timber and does not require additional antiseptic treatment.And the oak aging with dignity, fitting into any landscape quite organically.To the wood does not rot in contact with the ground, were made of welded metal corner
inserts the letter "D" with bolt hole at the top.At a certain distance (for us this span of 1.2 m), these inserts concreted, leaving a 10cm above ground level.Then make strapping oak beams on the perimeter of the planned future construction, leaving the input aperture.The tool bar is first necessary to cut down the grooves for struts.Bruce to the mortgage details bolted.Then install the rack with strapping timbers on top of the patio.For the device under the vine pergola across the patio with a distance of 0.5 m laid more subtle oak beams.To make the side walls (in this case the fence hazel), stands in the main groove was made to secure the cross bars with a distance from each other 50 cm.

floor paved sidewalk tiles on a dry cement-sand mixture.In the western part of the patio fireplace made of red brick with marble tops on the sides.

to shelter from the rain, it was decided to make a removable soft top of a special tent.To do this, cut out the right size tent with an allowance of 5 cm at the bend.By the end, which was planned to the entrance, laid, stitched eyelets and set to tension the tent by means of elastic cords.Under the top parallel bars pergolas, hung on a metal tavern, fixing screws, 4 metal rails (section "square") with a bias in the direction of the entrance to the water flow.The distance from the "roof" to a patio awning - 30 cm (for the free growth of the grapes).

the back wall of the tent attached to a metal rail with screws along the length of the awning.Then the tent was put on suspension structure fixed, fixed with two screws on the wall and pulled to the entrance to the patio.The tension made by a hook with an elastic band, assigned to the eyelets (tape with hooks for luggage for sale).On racks hooks secured building, for which pulled the tent.The design is tested to work well.In addition, for the grape harvest and the winter and it slips easily removed.

Resting place without garden furniture does not make sense.Therefore we produced a wooden bench with a table and deck chairs.SinceOur shaded area, decided to paint the furniture in white.

absolutely "naked" tables and chairs I always seem sad, deprived of warmth and comfort, no matter what the furniture garden.Deck stitched soft blankets of thick curtain fabrics and foam, and the bench - Removable tyufyachok.The table is also not ignored, tablecloth for practicality in the use made of oilcloth and lace.

To make a patio, comfortable, built it a shelf for flowers.This year, wanted to make a cascade of fuchsia.

Shelf is very mobile, is the "roof of the house" with two lateral shelves.To produce 4 boards need to connect in pairs with the letter A at 45 deg., After slaughtering the top, and fasten with screws.Still need two boards wide 0.2 m, length of 0.4 and 0.9 m. The cut ends of boards grooves for struts, pre-metering on the main pillars on which the shelves are height.Scrapie all screws, cover impregnated wood or paint.

recently we needed to equip another place to stay at the border of the garden.There husband decided to make a decorative pergola with shelves for flower pots and benches.To do this, take the pine bar section 8x10 cm and a length of 2.2 m and short bars section 5x10 cm and a length of 1.2 m - directly to the top of the pergola, a support for climbing plants.Stretches Corners metallic 0.5m concreted pergola at the corners of the future and at a distance of 0.5 m from the end angles, just the amount of 6 pieces.Above ground area stands at 20 cm.

then set the wooden rack bolted to the mortgage details (corners).In the upper corners of racks previously slaughtered under the beams were prepared bars fixed along the length of the arbor with the release of the free ends of 0.5 m on both sides.At the bottom of the rear rack for rigidity secured timber size gazebo.For the "roof" across the length of pergolas consolidated short beams, slaughtering slots.To make the back wall of the gazebo, in the middle of two reinforced racks with spacing of 0.7 m. In the middle of this period the window made of corrugated colored glass height of 30 cm. The rest of space is filled with wood Spili.Wooden saw cut are very popular among designers as paving sites and tracks.

We decided to try to use a saw cut in a different way.Chainsaw cut lumps thickness of 20 cm, the bark removed.The prepared frame initially laid large arbor saw cut, the gaps are filled by smaller.That they were located exactly - on the front side must be tightly fasten the shield.Consolidated the saw cut on the back of nails and screws.Along the edges of nailing them to the frame.

formed in the left and right niches tables made of planks, do not forget to leave a gap for water drainage.The windows at the top of the table, the side and back walls decorated by a grid of thin wooden slats painted in white.A free wall following tables "stitched" PVC panels in white.The transverse beams secured pergolas hooks for hanging pots of flowers.Bench decided to make a fixed, legs concreted.Base metal, top - narrow wooden planks, painted in white.Pergola covered impregnated wood.

On both sides of the gazebo in the lattice climbs rank.And the "back" wall "free floating" celastrus allowed.Shrub roses scarlet makes our elegant new building.Flowers in pots on shelves nestled in the shadow of an openwork lattices.

Yes, a little bit bothered.But it's nice to relax and listen to the quiet evening frog trills.

Build, fantasize and talk to health.

Valentina Bondar

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