Steel structures in the construction of country houses

By Admin | Building
20 May 2016

popularity of steel structures has increased, primarily due to the speed and ease of installation of such facilities.Durability and aesthetics of the finished structures, as well as the possibility of manufacturing the elements necessary for the realization of any non-trivial pans architects, also plays an important role in the expansion of their use.

There are several classifications of metal structures on various grounds.We will not consider all classifications in this article, you should pay attention to the fact that there are prefabricated metal structures, convertible and fixed.The first two types of designs are very convenient since they can be used to create temporary objects and modify them depending on the purpose and use.

For the manufacture of structural elements used different metals: various grades of steel, including mild, low-alloy and stainless steel, aluminum alloys and non-ferrous metals.Each material has its own characteristics, depending on which different and their field of ap

plication.Thus, for example, stainless steel resistance to adverse environmental conditions allows to use this material in the construction of swimming pools or water parks, lightness of aluminum alloys is of great importance in the construction of long-span buildings and if necessary the transport structures in remote areas.

Among metal structures, has become traditional for the suburban areas, it may be noted fences profiled steel sheets, block-containers, garages, sheds, as well as various tanks - tanks, containers, tanks.Relatively new to the Russian truckers is the method of frame housing with steel structures instead of the usual timber.On the specifics of this method in more detail.

Until recently, the frames for country houses made only of timber, metal profiles were not used, because of the high thermal conductivity of the metal in the construction of bridges formed cold.The situation changed after the development of the technology, called in abbreviated LSTC - the technology of light steel thin-walled structures, structural elements often referred to as "thermo".From conventional products from metal rolling thermo distinguished by the presence of perforation - through longitudinal embossments, which are usually arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

¬ęThe secret" of this perforation is simple - the existence of apertures increases the flow path of heat, cold air can not enter directly into the structure, the appearance of cold bridges, therefore, excluded.

Thermoprofiles made of galvanized steel by cold forming, depending on the purpose they may have Z-, P, C-shaped, with perforation do not reduce the bearing capacity of the building material.These products are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and have a hardness sufficient to act as a supporting structure of a frame house from LSTC can be manufactured interior and exterior walls, roof trusses, floors, etc.

process of constructing buildings from LSTC is very simple,supporting frame of the profiles collected by screwdriver as a self-drilling fasteners are used screws or self-tapping screws, that is, the carcass is not required equipment.Due to the lack of equipment erection of LSF is not detrimental to the environment, it is one of the most environmentally friendly techniques in modern construction.

Among the other advantages of this technology include: the construction of a high speed due to the use of parts manufactured in a production environment with great accuracy;all-season construction;unlimited choice of different options exterior and interior;the possibility of implementing a plurality of architectural solutions, as well as the possibility of construction of mansard or extensions to existing buildings, and seasonal home.

distinctive feature of the technology of light steel thin-walled structures is a small consumption of materials.The assembled frame on the inside is sheathed steam insulating material, the interior space is filled with thermal insulation to the outside of the vapor-permeable membrane is installed.Since variants exterior and interior set, the choice depends only on the taste of the customer and is not limited to technology, at this stage it is possible to save money.You can save on the foundation, because the construction of the LSTC is lightweight and the construction of the massive foundations are required.

All truckers, of course, interested in questions: Are there any disadvantages of this technology and whether the error in the process of construction of the building.Since the metal produced in the factory, and the frame is first going to the shop, then disassembled and marked errors during installation virtually eliminated.

possible errors can be called inaccurate calculation of the bearing capacity of the elements of the framework.When the load increases, for example, snow, possibly in excess of the calculated level of destruction in areas of thin metal threaded joints or bending of metal structures.

often to the disadvantage of metal structures include low resistance to corrosion and fire safety, as well as the need to attract skilled workers to erect the frame.But such objections the answer is simple: You should carefully choose the building materials, buy only high-quality products and not to invite the workers who do not have experience in building on this technology, only for reasons of economy.House of LSTC, built in compliance with all technical requirements, will serve their masters at least 50 years, and then all 100.