PAROC WAS-50 product for brickwork

By Admin | Building Materials
25 April 2016

This can be done in various ways, one of the most common - the use of systems with thermal insulation as a middle layer.This idea did not come today, when a host of modern insulating materials.Even half a century ago between the two walls of brick filled moss, sawdust, peat, making homes warmer.However, these materials have a low lifetime because of its hygroscopic properties and a tendency to shrink.

Modern technology allowed us to develop and produce inorganic insulating materials that are resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.They are not afraid of mold and fungi have a long service life.Among them - PAROC WAS-50, non-combustible stone wool, the performance of which makes it suitable for thermal insulation of solid walls, lined with brick.

simple design and minimal costs

construction of exterior walls with insulation has several advantages.Among the key - a small thickness and a reduced weight design, high fire resistance and insulating ability.Construction technology of sandwich wa

lls worked through, use it in the construction of housing, commercial real estate: restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels, offices.Thermal insulation PAROC WAS-50 can be used for thermal insulation of concrete structures, as it has an excellent resistance to alkaline solutions.Applying it to the lining of bricks significantly increases the fire safety of the building.

How to protect the insulation from moisture

When designing the exterior walls is necessary to remember the rule - materials with a low resistance to water vapor transmission must be placed on the outside of the facade.Stove PAROC WAS-50 offers an excellent vapor permeability, which allows its use in sandwich constructions.Practicality is enhanced material and low water absorption.However, in case the outer casing layer directly adjacent to the heater, it can be vapor barrier.As a result, the moisture will accumulate inside the insulation, increasing its thermal conductivity.The problem persists, or a small ventilation gap Drip along the facade in places where the cladding is based on the intermediate floors.It ensures that the basalt slab will always be in the dry state and, therefore, maintain its properties.Using PAROC WAS-50 provides not only a high level of comfort inside the building, but also the ideal setting for load-bearing structures.

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