Stucco as a source of inspiration

By Admin | Building Materials
24 April 2016

Plaster binders do not contain harmful ingredients absorb excess moisture from the air and give it in low humidity.The polymeric additive in the composition provide good adhesion (good "grip" the base) and even application, plastering and does not crack even if not stratified thick layer.Mortar - plastic material and therefore easily textured with a special tool, and even conventional forks, metal combs, and their own fingers.

example, the effect of the old wall is easy to create, is generally carried out directly with a spatula at different angles on the newly deposited formulation - so that grooves are formed on the surface of various lengths and depths.In addition to direct a spatula, trowel, you can use a grater.If the furrow you seem too rough or very deep - do not worry, after drying the wall must be properly overwrite, and then the surface takes the form of the old stone cladding.

Ready structural surface is best added to paint, using several shades close, watercolor effect will emphasize

the relief.Important primed surface prior to application of color.Nice to add a transparent lacquer - glaze technique.With the help of this staining can even simulate marble figure of Venetian plaster, which is still popular among designers and owners of apartments as a full part of the classic "European-quality repair."

But there are plenty of other, more modern solutions.The same tool with a straight edge or a conventional trowel applied on plastered walls line in the same direction (to control the direction, use masking tape).On plaster Rotband look beautiful with a diagonal surface structure the (so-called texture "rain").But it can be both horizontal and vertical.Parallel lines and wavy patterns better to make plaster crest.

Foam rollers depending on their own invoices transferred to the wall of a variety of embossed patterns: smooth roll help to create a porous surface, like a sponge or pumice, uniformly covering it with air bubbles;larger pores do roller surface grain.Structural relief roller give the wall a more complex "character."

nappy cushion creates a surface with a fashionable effect "coat".Incidentally, a rough, rustic effect "coat" you get when you use a regular plastic bag.Crumpling it in his hand, it is necessary to walk on the freshly applied layer of plaster, "painting" on it creases and waves in different directions.The same can be done with his hand and fingers.In wet plaster Knauf form different complex patterns using brushes or brushes.For example, maklovitsej or brush with coarse bristles, create shallow reliefs, which provide fascinating passages of color and light.Important in working with gypsum plaster - speed, since the composition quickly grasped.Therefore, textured finish walls will perform better on certain fragments.And if you grind the dried plaster wall, it feels it will be like velvet.

If the repair involves extremely smooth, perfectly smooth painted walls, in this case the technology is simple: align the walls with plaster beacons and after drying putty is applied.The perfect solution - a German novelty Rotband Pasta Pros.This mixture of vinyl-based with tiny grains of dolomite.Due to the delicate texture and plasticity, the surface coated with ultra-thin but very dense layers, the tiniest irregularities.

The output is a glossy, smooth and durable coating, ready to paint and an excellent impression of repair.