Car parking in paving

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20 May 2016

Our story today - about cottagers Motovario, rather its parking lot.And that does not make it difficult.Provided that you have a flat, or nearly flat ground.At this moment forumchanin grew only wild grasses.Mostly it was in pits and trenches - those that are left over from probuksovok on wet from the rain the ground.Lot Size - 5x10 m.

first step - the removal of turf.The land is not in vain - it leveled area in front of the house.More importantly - do not delay.It started to rain, which now and then filled the pit dug to the brim.The owners do not just have to pump out the water.

only dry out the land, once laid geotextile.On top of the rubble he filled drainage fraction - 20-40 mm.The bulk material stamped and follow poured alluvial sand: a little more expensive than usual, but without any impurities, and then because it will not have to sift through.

After laying the sand needed to moisten and well compacted.With irrigation helped rain and compacted manually with a conventional log nailed ha


good ram sand - the key to a smooth pad.Consequently, the clutch will be more smooth, and tiles subsequently gives way, and you do not have to dismantle and remake the site.Ramming better garden roller.The works to be performed at temperatures above zero.When the weather is cold, the ground may seem thicker than it actually is.

plot leveled at the level of the gate made a small slope along the house organized draining.Paving blocks made using the method of vibration pressing.The seller assured that this material is more durable and resistant to frost than the product made using vibratory casting.

paving slabs laid in two colors.Main - gray (80%), yellow (20%) drew a simple pattern.The tiles are installed directly on the sand, and pressed tightly, making sure it does not "walk" rap rubber mallet.Leaves a gap between the tiles 1-2 mm, this helped crosses.Flatness masonry level checked.Along the edges of the tile section cut through one grinder.It had to then combine it with the blind area home.Cobbles further consolidated at the edges curbs.Along the entire length of the house on site instead put the curb gutter.

After laying tiles ready to land peppered vlazhnovatoy fine sand.Stitches jammed street mop with a stiff bristle brush.

sand for filling joints and surfaces should be clean, naturally wet, without roots and seeds of plants.Then you do not have to contend with weeds.

cars parked in at the edges of the wall was decorated with a small brown limestone.The test vehicle has successfully withstood the playground.It turned out pretty, is not it?

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