The roof of wood

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23 April 2016

has long roof huts in Russia wing wood - iron was expensive, and buy it can afford only wealthy families.Today, wooden roof again demand: they decorate the roof expensive mansions, pavilions and design houses in restored historic neighborhoods.And enjoy it - very cheap, if you do not own a wooden roof, going through all the stages of production of the roof before laying it, and ordered the materials and installation from specialized companies.But even turning to the masters, should be alert and wary of non-professionals.

On basic principles of selecting and installing of wooden roofs tell participants and experts.

Beauty requires

If you decide to "dress" your home in a wooden roof, match their desires with the financial possibilities: the price of a roof with the installation for the roof in the middle of 400 square meters can be up to one million rubles or more.If there is no money for experts, the dream a reality can be, produced and installed the wooden roof yourself.However, it i

s painstaking work that requires knowledge, skills and a lot of time.

Alexander Kurasov , director of "EkoVud»:

- Fashion on the wooden roof come to us from the history books and the Russian hinterland, and from Europe - wooden roofs adorn the roofs on the Alpine slopes,they can be seen in other areas of France, Germany, Switzerland, where the change of the prevailing image of settlements is forbidden by law.Somewhere in the indoor ondulin wooden house - a mauvais ton.

Besides finance, beauty demands and care: clean wooden roof from natural waste - old leaves, needles - you must at least once in two years, so it does not rot under the carpet preyuschim not overgrown with moss and do not lose the appearance.You can use vetrodui and remove stubborn dirt with a device for washing cars.

But even with a favorable climate and all the conditions - the technology of production of wooden roof, installing a competent and careful care, the wooden roof is not eternal.

Igor Mashinskii , director of "Biokrona»:

- The roof of aspen shingles will last an average of 8 years, pine plank roof - 15-20 years and larch shingle or oak - up to 5080.

roof roof - discord

Wooden roofs vary in quality wood, tile shape and methods of laying it.Wooden tile is of several kinds - shingles, shingles, shingle, share and necks.Briefly explain how to distinguish them from each other.


Member Izbushechnik was returning from a walk to pick mushrooms and looked at the construction site is close - very much looked beautiful from afar new roof made of wood:

- Four men have tried to nail the shingles on a new crateroof.This puncture of pine and spruce torch width from 5 to 12 cm long 35-40 cm, soaked in impregnating as railway sleepers.When nailing thin nail torch bursting through and flew down.Those who have it manufactures, had no idea how to look old shingles.But shake off their goods, it has nothing to do with the roof, leaving a lot of money for the buyer in the cold.

What is the real shingles?As you may have guessed, the name shingle received from the word "tear".This thin wooden plates, cut along the grain with a rectangular chocks length from 40-100 cm and a cross-section 10h15-20 see.

shingles made of coniferous trees (larch, preference is given - it is the least susceptible to rotting) prick manually with stabbingblade and mallet.If as a material for use aspen shingles or lime, used shingle machine, popularly known as Mahal.How does the shingle machine, described the architect Alexander Sobolev in his book "Wooden house»:

- In a log of a small diameter of 12-16 cm and a length of 3-4 meters drilled three centimeters in diameter at a distance of about twentycentimeters from the end.It inserted a metal pin, which is before work hammered into a wooden block.Pin must be free to go in the hole.At the end of the meter from the bottom bracket to log hammered knife length of about sixty centimeters.Its blade, sharpened on one side and rips lath from churbachka.The distance between the knife blade and the log determines the thickness of shingles (about 3 millimeters).At the other end is attached to the log waved wooden handle length of about 40 centimeters.Holding on to it, together with an assistant master sharply pull the free end of waving from side to side, and a knife otscheplivaet lath.

block of wood to easily injected, per night wood soaked in water, but you can schepit and dry.


- On the underside of the shingle turns flat and smooth, with a top - splitting, so it does not crack from the nail.The finished roof resembles a raised fish scales.

quality shingles are not foliated.


- When my father nailed shingles on the roof, each dranochku I bent to detect layering and only then handed father.


distinguish shingles from other types of wood shingles can be by the presence of the trapezoidal groove - it stretches along the thick edge of the wedge-shaped boards 40-60 cm long and 6-14 cm wide. Gaunt has a slant across the grain, and each rowsharp edges when installing shingles tightly into the grooves are adjacent tiles.Above all for shingles fit larch and spruce.

rooftop shingle looks very nice due to the diversity of ways styling - it is laid in straight rows and diagonally, changing the direction of the tilt.

Schindel Schindel - plank length is 20 to 80 cm and a width of 6 to 25 cm. It also happens shingle wedge section.

tile laid on the basis of scales of coniferous trees.With this device roofing shingle perfectly ventilated.In Europe, the shingle is also widely used in facades.

tiles used to create a variety of wood species - larch, spruce, oak, cedar.

Make crushed shingle way - by hand or by machine (as in the case of the shingles), or sawing - in this case, shingle, often has the same width.


plowshares Russian architects have long adorned the domes of churches.The name of the share was similar to the shape of the plow.Plank are the same size - 40 cm in length, the ends of the coulter make rounded, pointed or a square shoulder.Typically, this tile is made of aspen, which eventually becomes a beautiful silver color.

Covered ploughshare cupola of the chapel of St. John the Theologian.Village Zehnovo, Arkhangelsk region.


plank roof made sawn and chipped ways.Planks of pine prick Churakov 1.2 m long with a knife and a wooden mallet.Experts believe that the lack of a roof of boards may eventually become its course - the board will shrink and the exposed seams begin to leak.In this case, the roof would need repair.

Moisture and safety

describe in detail the circuit device wooden roofs in one material can not be, so pay attention to the key points.

Unlike roofing iron and polymers, wood shingles - a very lively material able to absorb moisture and dry out.This is the main point that must be considered during installation.It is better if the laying of wooden shingles will conduct a professional or work will be conducted under his leadership - when working with wood there is a lot of nuances.By acquiring shingles, for example, you will not be able to proceed immediately to its installation - not all of the tiles fit together, it will be necessary to reconsider pristrugat ridges.If the shingles to dry well and put on the roof, at the first rain it will absorb moisture, swell and may warp.

Our forumchanin Izbushechnik outraged to see that before installing shingles impregnated protective solution.Discussion of this issue at the forum will be continued.So, Burglar said that the roof mounted correctly, "stand for many years without any impregnation."

Expert opinion Igor Mashinskii :

- Wooden roofs do not require additional processing by different impregnation - they will not have a significant impact on increasing the life of the roof and do not protect from UV rays.

To prevent ignition of the roof in the first place, it is necessary to properly install a chimney to take care of a lightning rod.

Another important question discussed the topic of wooden roofs, - the apparatus further waterproofing.Some forum users are afraid to lay shingle directly on the crate, as it did in the old days, and decide to secure and further lay hydroprotective layer.


- solid crate rafters covered steklogidroizolom.Beating rake along the rafters to provide a ventilation gap, then along the rail is made crate for the desired type of roof and is covered at least the board, though shingles, though straw.

expert Alexander Kurasov:

- apparatus further waterproofing is only necessary if the roof has a slope angle less than 25 degrees.In other cases, when properly installed the water should not be delayed and run down.

reliability of many wooden roofs and provided more layered.For example, the roof of aspen shingles are usually placed in three to five layers of shingles - in two layers, shingle - three layers.

Learn more interesting facts about the wooden roofs and participate in their discussion of this topic can be our forum.And our video will inspire you with interesting ideas with the exhibition "Wooden House 2014".