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19 May 2016

Cassette fireplaces and heaters mobile

interest to cluster fireplaces have become very popular lately, not bypassed and our members of the forum.Ease of design and installation draws attention to the fire of this type.

In the topic "Cassette fireplace with glass doors" were raised and discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of home heating fireplaces cluster, how to avoid mistakes in self-installing a fireplace and chimney, the better oblitsevat fireplace and a producer to choose.

In addition to the subject, the article "the captivity of the flame" can orient you in choosing the size and design, will help to calculate the power of the fireplace, pick the door opening mechanism, prompt, where you can buy fireplaces different manufacturers.

high technology, modern lines, the original author's design decisions and fixed and mobile centers of artificial and natural stone, you can learn from the articles " table, fireplace - hot stone "

Quickly protopitsmall house, members of the forum

provide warmth until melted main stove or fireplace during a visit to the summer holidays.Avoid excessive spending on heating due to local heating trim after construction of the house premises - in all the above will help "Ceramic Infrared gas heater".

This topic discusses our forum users choice, quality and operation of various models of infrared heaters running on gas balloon.

But the operation of any appliance that uses propane-butane gas mixture during operation at low temperatures, requires knowledge of how to choose bottled gas in different seasons of use.What distinguishes the "summer" and "winter" gas.These questions can be answered in the topics of our forum: "Winter gas in the tank for the infrared heater" and "freezes the gas in the tank."

Floor heating (heated)

Recently, one of the most popular ways of heating a detached house with a permanent residence are water heated floors.And it is justified from the standpoint of saving on heating costs, the most physiological for the human heat distribution in the heated rooms and rational use of floor space at the expense of getting rid of the radiators.

In addition, the absence of electromagnetic radiation and energy savings advantageously distinguished by heating water on the electrical floor heating systems.And in comparison with the electrical systems, water heated floors are deprived of such a significant disadvantage, as electromagnetic radiation.

about technological secrets and subtleties of the device and installation of floor heating systems can be found in the theme "Warm floor on wooden joists, gypsum board. Type FAQ".

more details on space heating warm water floors will help you and the theme of the article: "Water heated floors," "water floor".

How not to be mistaken as "pipes" for the device water floor, so as not to create a problem instead of the expected comfort, help you understand the proposed material articles.

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