From the foundation to the locomotive: the product of old tires

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19 May 2016

can argue about whether or not to take old tires to the country.Some argue that they have a lot of harm, and the kind of rubber spoils country landscape.Others believe that, if to be smart, some of this material can do a lot of interesting and useful things.One thing is certain - tires help save on the decoration, and even construction.


Wiktar on a foundation of tires built the toilet, shed and greenhouse.According to him, this material is suitable for light buildings.First you need to make a layout and choose the tire height.Then follows fill them with soil and compacted in layers.As a waterproofing on top put the pieces of roofing material.

Growing plants

We already wrote about the manufacture of vases forum users.Forum member dreamer adds that such products will be more harmonious look at the site, if they decorate with natural materials.For example, the stones - they are like rubber, it is better to moisten.Stones glue cement, first putting large.At work, it is desirable to u

se a trowel and a tablespoon - it is convenient to push the cement into the cracks.The voids can lay gravel.After drying the pot clean of excess cement.

DenGo advises before applying cement to attach the lid to the metal mesh or reinforced with wire.This will protect the stone coating from cracking when the rubber will expand or shrink under the influence of temperature.

ennoble the tire can also be 6-8cm thick birch logs.Previously they should be treated with an antiseptic.

Irina83 recommends strawberries grown in tires.It notes that over the berries look comfortable.Since the bed is raised above the ground, it is easier to weed, and weed less becausethere is not climbing grass with paths.Other advantages - no slugs, saving water and space.In the future, it plans to lay new posts flowerbed mosaics.

the same way you can grow potatoes.The tire is filled fertile land and planted potatoes 5-6.When fully grown shoots, put another one on top of the tire and pour the soil.Summer residents claim that these beds can collect a bumper crop.

Member Forum alkr tire from a tractor MTZ-80 set "wigwams."In these greenhouses, he grows cucumbers, gathering the harvest until the end of October.

Retaining walls

from waste tires produced sufficiently strong retaining walls that can hold significant weight from sliding soil.The cost of these walls is much lower than traditional, and time to build - less.

tires stacked in staggered rows and covered with earth.For the high walls of the tire is pushed onto the vertical piles.The upper rows fasten them with clamps.Tires bonded together using propylene plastic or wire ropes.The formed pockets can be planted cascading and basket plant.It will bloom retaining wall.

steam locomotive for the children for two days

Alex Bellavin made of old tires of the locomotive-sandbox.To do this, it took six tires.Between tires he pulled strips of galvanized roofing, and with the help of screws fastened them to the tires.Thus the individual tires were assembled into a single unit.

Lower frame 3000x1000 mm was made from a bar 150x50 mm.The walls between the tire carcass Alex pulled a rope for durability.Assembled booth floored.Almost all of the materials used, but a couple of sheets of OSB, sheet profile roof and paint left over from previous construction projects.On the front of the locomotive went spare stainless steel.Approximately manufacturing locomotive was spent 2000 rubles.

Garden sculptures

Using tires and wooden elements, you can come up with an interesting street decorations in the form of various animals.Products will only be painted with acrylic paint.

new posts Kraynov tells how to make a crocodile.Cut tire, lay on the ground, cut the outline reptile.Cut out the two halves of the body, collect the wooden frame.Take a screwdriver: to the frame using screws longer, for sockets - short.Teeth do from the plastic bracket.Scales glue "Moment".Tennis balls for the eyes, just insert into the eye sockets.

Gameday most often made from tires swans.Not all gardeners are ready to decorate the landscape ", urban" products.In that case they can be put in the courtyard in the city or near the entrance to the villa, as did ARINC.

Another idea

  • According Leon42, from old tires will be a good drainage drainage: it is easy to clean with the siltation.
  • Bastsan offers make winter "wand": one of the tires cut two small strips, put in a few small thick screws.This arrangement will be helpful when traveling to the country.If the machine zabuksuet in the snow, place these strips on the wheel, and the car will be able to leave a skid.
  • Appin made the country a well for watering plants: dug a hole depth of 3 meters and put back on the ZIL tires to the ground does not slip (pre-cut cord).
  • Morz proposes to use tires as a base barrel with water for watering the garden.
  • also of tires can think of garden furniture and cheap to build the track.

Validating advised to cut tires jigsaw using sawing wood with a middle-sized teeth.Sawing metal will cut more slowly and strongly to bask.Free tires for tire can take.

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