Profile - all the basics

By Admin | Building Materials
23 April 2016

If it is good to understand the technology, there is nothing complicated about drywall systems is not the main thing - to understand what the profile of what is.

types of profiles for gypsum board

most popular types of profile:

  • guide - marking PN or UD and UW;
  • rack - marking PS or CD and CW;
  • ceiling - marking PP.

to the ceiling profile is used with a broad back and narrow shelves - 60/27.Read more to see the installation of the ceiling here.

Profile dimensions - standard, but the length and the PN and PS can be from 3 meters, depending on the manufacturer.Guide profile for partitions and walls can be 50, 65, 75, 100 mm in width with a height of shelves 40 mm.The width of the rack profile may be 50, 65, 75, 100 mm in height 50 mm shelves.Use profiles PN and the PC you need the same size.

almost all rack profiles of any manufacturer has special holes for technical communication, but the quality of these holes - different.

Depending on the type of profile and the number of layers of

the GCR, you can mount the ceilings and walls with a variety of sound-proofing and strength properties.

thickness profile and galvanized coating

In choosing the material for the installation of drywall constructions of special importance the thickness and type of steel shelves profile.Here you should pay attention to the thickness of the metal.If this profile Knauf, the thickness of the galvanized steel sheets, in accordance with German standard is 0.6 mm.

Today, the market can find a metal profile with a thickness of steel from 0.4 to 0.55 mm.However, in a thin steel retaining screw poorly kept and the frame is subject to deflection.When fixing plasterboard sheets such as two layers of steel with a thickness profile of 0.4 mm will deform.Takes a step more often - not technologically and economically.All sorts of cabinets, shelves, installation, etc.on the wall with a profile of a thin steel will be held securely.

is worth paying attention to the quality of galvanizing.If the surface of the profile began to form corrosion, oxidation film, the quality of metal processing - is quite low.

Some vendors offer as an alternative to the German smooth profile, grooved.However, it has significant drawbacks:

  1. milled less resistant to resist bending due to lower steel thickness of 0.55 mm.
  2. With a sleek profile, easier to work with, make racks rack profile rails (not cling to smooth walls).
  3. milled is not suitable for devices partitions.Any room can shrink, and uneven surface profiles into each other rigidly.Even if you leave a gap at the front, ribbed surface complicate the sliding profile, resulting in the drywall may crack.
  4. Application corrugated surface on the profile of its zinc coating damage due to corrosion that may appear.