Attic stairs with electric drive

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19 May 2016

Most of the houses built with the exploited attic.At the same time it is not always possible to get there in the usual way - via the fixed ladder.And it takes a lot of space.In this case, come to the rescue alternative - folding or sliding attic structure.They consist of several sections and can be decomposed either manually or automatically - by means of the actuator.

The main advantage of such ladders - compact, low cost and ease of operation.And if you put a stop-lock, it is possible to restrict access to the attic to children or to prevent intruders enter the house through the roof.

attic stairs How to choose?

To start, you need to calculate the size of the attic opening.On the one hand, well, if it is rather big - it will be possible to establish a comfortable wide staircase.However, on the other hand - greater than the opening, the greater the heat loss.In any case, the cover is better insulate the attic.Next, measure the distance from the opening to the floor.

maximum height folding or

retractable ladders should not be more than 350 cm. If the distance from the floor to the attic bigger, better set a fixed ladder.

should take into account the size of the corridor or other premises in which to unpack the ladder.Pre-draw on paper, the design will look like in the unfolded form, consider whether it does not hurt anything unpack?

Pay attention to the material of construction of the ladder.Metal more suitable for the garage or workshop.In addition, they should be galvanized, or may rust.To give good structures made of wood.Ideal - staircase with wooden steps and metal rails.

better to install a staircase with handrails.They will make the design more secure.This is especially important if a family has children or elderly people.

own hands

Members Active rasss first wanted to establish a ladder with a lever mechanism.However, such a mechanism does not rise came: arms rested on the floor slab.Therefore, the owner had to invent folding stairs with electric drive consisting of three elements.Winch, he made two windows of the vehicle Ford Explorer with a lever mechanism.Familiar produced turning parts, the rest forumchanin made himself.

preliminary program has been drawn in AutoCad drawing.

hatch is made of plywood 10 mm thick.The frame is made from wooden block 50x50 cm, sealed around the perimeter of basalt wool in the form of self-adhesive tape 5 mm thick.The lid came hard, but, as noted rasss, this is a plus: under its own weight, it is well pressed against the gap.

Attic folding ladder mounted on the bracket.The guides made of shaped tube 20x40.To cover more tight against the ceiling, he gave forumchanin front suspensions springs.Rear suspensions further tightened by a rope drive.

control (up and down movement) carried changeover toggle switch 12 through a transformer.The extreme positions konechniki control.

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