House for three days - Fact or Fiction?

By Admin | Building
18 May 2016

believe that users be interesting to see the unusual construction technology suburban housing, in which grows like a house in front of a few days.

Last year, the US company Bensonwood of Vermont, has introduced a new project called Unity Homes .The main idea of ​​the project is to the same high quality of work as much as possible to reduce construction time comfortable and energy efficient homes.

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installation using the latest technology, our specialists are ready for erecting occupied dwellings in three days.

Such speed construction of the house is achieved due to the fact that all the structural elements of the future house, already made in the form of separate panels and blocks on a dedicated facility.

House built a small team of builders to pre-prepared foundation.

workers can only assemble wall panels and mount the roof, and the building - looks more like an assembly on the basis of children's


Where all the elements of pre-marked and ready for assembly.

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Thanks to computer simulations house experts campaign managed to minimize all the stages of creating a project.After domokomplekta was manufactured, it is delivered to the assembly site by means of a truck, and often all the housing can be brought in a single trip.

Due to this, achieved considerable savings in transport costs, and the installation takes place as soon as possible.

Another innovation was that the exterior panels of the future queen made directly with the outer finish.Moreover, the customer can choose between different options facing the wall of the house.

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walls of the house are set on the foundation with a crane and fixed to each other by means of anchors, and then made the installation of roofing panels.Then, a team of builders began to study interior decoration at home and connect all the necessary communications.

finishing, engineering and communications wiring in the house of SIP panels, users hints and tips discussed in this section.

Despite the fact that the production put on stream, and more like a conveyor assembly, the future owners are able to choose various options for the architecture and decoration of the house.

And thanks to the introduction of energy efficient technologies and use of alternative sources of energy prefabricated house meets all the standards of a comfortable stay, and allow their owners to save money on heating and electricity.

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