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18 May 2016

post-import and foreign trade financing Sberbank - the optimal path for Russian companies to cheap financial resources abroad.

stable reputation

Due to what is possible to achieve significant savings?Everything is simple and clear.If the money from a foreign bank asks him a little-known (though well-known in our country), the company, it will get them at a fairly high percentage.It is inevitable cost of risk.Steady reputation of Sberbank of Russia in the global financial markets helps the borrower to obtain funds for uniquely low for our market rates for the purchase of goods and services, and for the modernization of production.Get financing can almost any company and it does not have to spend a lot of time to cook, or a large number of documents.

Optimal schemes

So what similarities and differences between the two main trade finance products Savings Bank?

main advantage of post-import financing - low borrowing costs.To minimize the commercial and financial risk calculations are carried o

ut under contract by letters of credit.When you import a complex expensive equipment with a long payback period, or the implementation of large construction projects to the client provided financing for post-import coverage by export credit agencies (ECA).

clients with high reliability, Sberbank offers post-import financing using uncovered letters of credit, in some cases even without collateral.

main advantage of foreign trade financing (or financing contract) - simple design, while maintaining a relatively low cost of credit for customers.Exporters are able to finance the supply or production of various products, the purchase of raw materials and components, transportation and other services.Importers apply this mechanism in the inability to use letters of credit in the calculation of the contract.

accessible and

post-import financing scheme worked out to the smallest detail: the client turns to Sberbank at any stage of the preparation of the contract.The Bank structures the deal, arrange financing and opens a letter of credit in favor of a foreign supplier.Foreign bank pays the money to the supplier for the goods, and extends credit to Sberbank, which, in turn, gives a reprieve to its client-buyer, thereby, the foreign supplier receives his money, and the Russian buyer - a delay of payment.At the same time, Sberbank is ready to lend to clients in rubles, significantly reducing its foreign exchange risks.

Everywhere on any terms

Savings Bank provides its clients with trade finance at any point of its presence in Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.), Asia (China, India, Korea)America (USA).

term trade financing in the Savings Bank is an average of 5 years.However, importers of capital goods and services, using the cover of export credit agencies (ECA), may extend this period to 18 years.

Sberbank doors are always open for Russian companies that need resources available to work on foreign markets.It is up to you!

Vladimir Shcherbakov, General Director of JSC "Terneyles" (client Far Eastern Bank of Sberbank of Russia)

In December 2012 under the scheme of foreign trade financing of Sberbank of Russia we were able to get a loan mln. For a period of 2 years from the German Bank for woodfor export.To declare with confidence that the cost of trade finance is really affordable usual loan.We plan to expand their cooperation with Sberbank in this area.

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