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18 May 2016

agree, that sometimes everything new is well forgotten old. Members are well aware that it is often the experience of our ancestors can be easily transferred to the realities of modern construction.And if you want to reduce heating costs and even in the dead of winter to walk barefoot on the floor, then build a ledge.But first things first.

user with the nickname baus:

- First you shall understand the terms, ie. To. Many people confuse the ledge and warming cap.Zavalinka called embankments built along the outer perimeter of the exterior walls of a wooden house, and that protects the house from freezing in winter.

So: the main purpose of the bench is to protect the house from freezing in case of heavy frost.We also need to remember that the top of the bench should be above the floor level.

article about how to choose a warm floor system for home is available this link .

Zavalinka Although considered one of the attributes of the ancient Russian wooden architecture,

in practice it is to this day perfectly fulfills its function.

user with the nickname valery:

- In the north, at the shift houses, be sure to make the ledge.To do this, the walls of a bulldozer shovel snow.As a result, building cabins better hold heat.By the way, our ancestors called ledge - "boots to the hut"

Black Raven:

- I have a friend for ten years lived in a house built in 1927 with a mound of earth.Floor - pine board 60 mm dowels without insulation.In the winter we wore slippers.Vents caulk.Heating, heating water through the pipes.In -30 c.Just two buckets of coal and it was very warm in the morning to five.Three years ago, this house was dismantled.All the crowns includingand lower - whole, without rot.A mound of earth was filled furnace slag.

But besides that Zavalinka acts as a kind of heat storage - not allowing heat to escape from the house to the outside, it still protects your foundation from the forces of frost heave.

According to our users with nicknames Lifanchuk and Alexey S . this is due to the fact that Zavalinka pushes the boundary of freezing to the sides of the house and from the foundation .And the ground under the foundation in this case does not freeze.

Alexey S .:

- BecauseHeat is transferred from a warmer body to a less heated.Therefore, if the house warmer in winter it usually happens, the heat goes out of the house into the cellar.Direction (up or down) in heat transfer does not matter.Thanks to this entry heat warms the earth underground.A Zavalinka prevents heat coming out of the house quickly took on.

Learn what the foundation plate can be warmed Swedish this article .

If no ventilation underground space, the air under the floor gradually warms itself and transmits heat of the earth.So that the flow of heat goes out of the house through the cellar floor pie.

But to Zavalinka full play to all their positive qualities, it must be remembered that the house itself must be properly insulated!

opinions of our forum user with the nickname Buryat:

- Hot Box House shares with the underground heat - because there never comes a cold snap.Heat generally goes up, not down - so far underground the temperature is slightly lower than in the house.Imagine for a moment - have your underground with a mound of earth and warm the box - no!Then your underground, left without a warm box top - vymerznet the middle of winter and its temperature equals the environment.

Very often you can hear the question: «So what better Zavalinka or warmed floor?»


- Zavalinka - a normal course, the test of time.And it is certainly better than nothing.Plinth wall, blind areas - essentially originate from the good old mound of earth.

Due to the bench warm Fitted underground (under the warm, meaning that there is simply zero temperature) - which is convenient to store all sorts of vegetables, and you can not be afraid of the freezing of communications.

look on the bench with the nickname forumchanin Chlorine:

- On the bench, if the house is heated constantly and throughout the winter, to live much warmer.Make sure and will not regret it.As for the air holes - winter close them and open in the spring.

And to Zavalinka worked as it should, it needs the appropriate insulation.


- The walls of the house I insulate five centimeters of insulation and ledge made of smooth slate and fill it with 12 cm of expanded clay.

also popular solution to backfill the bench sawdust mixed with lime, but there are some secrets.


- complete waterproofing content Zavalinka difficult to achieve, so the cheese and humid climate may dampen dust and rot.A concrete block both absorb moisture and dry.

As they say on the bench warmed up cap one step.And to the house even built on screw piles looked for a modern, you must use the recipe of our members of the forum.


- I karkasnik on screw piles, zabirki not.Flooring 200mm.Ecowool.
Under the house sewer pipe from the kitchen,, shower, sink, toilet.The total length of 20 m. Due to the slope of all the pipes in the street, connected to the common fan.the pipe and the pipe at the border of the foundation into the earth and 7 m. in the septic tank.
not had time to warm the pipes and the new year 2010-2011 and all is well froze.
In summer 2011 all pipes are insulated by double insulation 10 + 10 mm.And he made
warmed zabirku.

results of this event:


- the winter of 2011-2012. Nothing froze, under the house temperature did not drop below +1.5 g.And I will do in the summer the air holes.I would be mounted facing, ie. E. Between the earth and lining guess gap for seasonal heaving soil t. E. That it does not break.

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