Construction in winter.

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17 May 2016

approaching winter.Time is not only the cold, short days, but the time discounts, depreciating building materials, and freed the hands of experienced builders.This very reasonably able to take advantage of new posts skissa.A practical approach to the construction of houses, baths from the foundation to the roof for 14 days is described in detail in the topic Banja guest house 7 * 7.5 of cylindering 200 mm.

What is the secret of this rapid development?To answer this question let us turn to the construction of the foundation technology at any time of the year without losing its quality.With the discussion of this technology, its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other common ways of building foundations can be found in topic "The foundation on screw piles" .

about all the pros and cons of the construction of wooden houses in winter, that the need to anticipate starting construction, we'll the topic of the construction of the winter season.

If you build "karkasnik", and you have plans to continue building this time of year, you have to be interested in the topic, which discusses advantages and disadvantages of the construction of frame houses in winter.

But not all are eager to continue the construction of the house with the onset of communication we . Poe that from our users was helpful to learn how to conserve construction in the winter to preserve the lossless quality of materials unfinished house in the difficult conditions of low temperatures, high humidity, alternating frosts and thaws wetsnow.All these questions will be discussed in the topic "Need advice on conservation of construction."

holders of unfinished stone, we hope, will be useful topics that will be covered in the review, "Preservation of building houses from porous blocks for the winter" and "Preservation of the house of aerated concrete in the winter."

"Seven times measure - cut once" - the right advice when planning the construction of his house, baths or small buildings on the site.And there is no better time for a detailed assessment of their forces and material opportunities in anticipation of the start of the construction season than winter.

valuable experience in self-planning costs of materials and tools to build a house of brick is divided irusya8 new posts in the topic "council plans to build its own. Personal experience."

Those who prefer all the materials to build a house on frame technology, be sure to read the topic of "schedule-estimate the construction of a frame house."

Members, who until just eyeing certainly one of the most popular materials for the construction of a private house - a tree, be subject "The plan to build the house from a bar for 1 season."

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