Sidewalk pavers RAUF Design

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17 May 2016

long time when urban development based on the use of concrete pavers.The boom in this material began 10-12 years ago, but today we can clearly see in all its shortcomings.Destroyed paving creates a lot of problems to those responsible for town planning and the owners of private houses.The main trouble is that the material - high water absorption, resulting in the frost it is destroyed.To this did not happen - is used RAUF Design - the first paving stone blocks of clinker produced in Russia, manufactured leading domestic manufacturers of building materials, "Group LSR".

Clinker - a unique material made from clay at high temperatures.It is distinguished by high strength, hardness, low water absorption, resistance to organic oils and temperature variations.Today Paving spread bridge, parking, sidewalks, park paths.According to its practicality it is many times greater than an analog of concrete, and its aesthetic qualities much higher.Clinker does not fade under the influence of sunlight colors, it doe

s not destroy the engine oil drained from faulty vehicles.Low water absorption ensures its durability and resistance to frost.

Pavement clinker in Russia for a long time is not produced on an industrial scale, the material brought from Europe (in 2012 in our country supplied 19 million pieces).In 2013, "LSR Group" launched near St. Petersburg at its plant in the town of Nikolskoye line for the production of this material.Modern equipment installed at the plant, provides quality products that meet international standards.

Pavement brick RAUF Design has a practical size 100h200h50 mm, allows to stack it in many ways.His strength corresponds to the brand and M450 above, frost is 100 cycles.Water absorption of the material does not exceed 4%, which is the guarantee of its durability.Its life is limitless, for example, in Europe clinker bridge lies on hundreds of years without losing its practical and aesthetic qualities.

«LSR Group" offers paving clinker bricks of different colors.Great demand classic colors: brown and red paving stone.A variety of design solutions to help white, cream, straw and red reduced clinker.Bright colors RAUF Design do not fade in the course of its life.All this makes the paving clinker best material for paving.

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