Choosing roofing

By Admin | Building
16 May 2016

Selecting roofing - one of the most important decisions taken during the construction of the house.There can not be mistaken as roofing work is not only very time consuming but also require material investments hardball.And to redo the work done, under the mistaken choice of roofing, can not only be fraught with unforeseen expenditure for the correction of errors, but can spoil the joy you and your family because of the protracted relocation to a new home.

So, in the first block of our newsletter pay attention to one of the most important things - the choice of the roof.In this issue, we will help to understand the independent expert, a specialist in roofing materials, moderator Sergey governor.Sergei tell you in detail about the "choice of the roof. Economy Class", he will introduce you to all the ins and outs of the popular roofing materials, talk about what you need to look for when choosing a soft and metal, corrugated bitumen sheets, as well as acquaint you with enoughnew roofing

materials: teramoplastom and composite metal.

with the opinion of a professional you meet, it would seem, the main priorities are clear.The large selection of roofing materials you are staying only two left to do the last step before purchasing roofing.For the final decision, we suggest you look into the theme "Metal or soft roof."

continue to explore the issue of selecting the type of roofing.You have decided that you are suited environmentally safe, durable and attractive metal roof?In the topic "Pfalz? Metal? Catch to" you will have the opportunity to meet with the opinion of both professionals and those who have the opportunity to share their experiences on the operation of metal roofing and standing seam roofing.

this block will be devoted to the distribution "Selecting soft tile".In this topic, you will learn the difference between soft tile from different manufacturers, will get acquainted with the views of the members of the forum of this kind of roof.

To make it easier to deal with a variety of soft tile manufacturers in our market, we offer you one more thread in the forum - "Everything about soft tile".There you can get acquainted with the technical specifications of a soft roof six manufacturers, represented by both domestic and foreign enterprises.

Another theme of the forum, which we recommend that you pay attention to the "soft tile, and the technology of its styling."In this topic, professionals, more than a year working with this type of roof covering, will share with you the secrets of laying shingles, talk about the materials recommended for the technology as a basis for this type of roof, explain what additional elements should be used.

as visual aids demonstrating the "Placing a soft roof," we recommend you a video site ForumHouse.TV, where a civil engineer Eugene Bushkovsky tell you how to make installation of the roof and proper laying shingles.

Let's talk about the least popular of the metal roof."What kind of metal roofing is best to choose?"You will learn from the eponymous topics on the forum in which our consultants will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of metal depending on the quality, thickness of steel metal sheets and polymer deposition MCH.

If you have opted for metal, the next question - competent installation of a roof.In the video "Installation of metal roofing" on ForumHouse.TV representative of "Lesograd" Denis Sergeev tells in detail about the training of truss system, waterproofing, stowage and securing of metal.

Another type of metal roofing to which has been steadily increasing interest of developers - a "seam roof."Known as a roofing material more from the Middle Ages, but a significant step forward, thanks to the new coating of metals and technical refinements."Faltz cinch" - another theme for this type of roofing, which will be of interest to users of our forum.

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