Repair of the loggia "from A to Z"

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15 May 2016

As a rule, changes in the home begins long before birth.And, perhaps, the most "traditional" ones - a repair.You always want to have a new family member was the best - toys, clothes, little room.But it is desirable that the parents had a nook.Sergey808 decided to equip a loggia: and his office will not interrupt the computer and sniff the sweet synuli.


Some kind decoration, and the glazing on the balcony were.But to make the room warm and had to dismantle it all.First Sergey finished with paneling.Once he engaged in opening the old ties - Remove it to the floor slab.It was necessary to make a full floor heating.Otherwise, another top tie would increase the load on the overlap.As it later turned out, the owner shot and threw about a ton of concrete.The same fate befell the old roofing material.

Ties easier to remove the crowbar and hammer - they removed large chunks of concrete, rather than punch.

device parapet

for future glazing planned laying of foam blocks.This material

is afraid of water, so it was necessary to seal the opening for the air conditioner runs, and the gap between the plates of the parapet.First Sergey gap filled with silicone sealant.Then, throughout the length and the corners fastened with stainless steel bolts and nuts galvanized sheet.In the end, all carefully zasilikonil.To the loggia was warmer to work, and the mixture hardens forumchanin temporarily insulate the parapet.

During warmer months, do not need.At subzero temperatures in a mixture, you can add special additives.

Masonry of foam blocks

Sergei used concrete blocks the size of Fiber 60h30h10 cm.When purchasing it turned out that the height of the foam blocks is less than a centimeter.It was a master at hand - the material did not have to cut.

Sawing better bottom row of foam blocks to fasten the window frame to the whole stone.The height of the material should be slightly above the old parapet to avoid low tide was in the street!

Since the foam blocks are afraid moisture, Sergey from the front side arranged waterproofing.For masonry forumchanin did tie the two beacons.Masonry made flush with the floor slab.Each row reinforced.Wall fittings zaburival about 5 cm. Concrete blocks of the same fittings made recess in the masonry to was not thick cold joints.The valve on the entire length of masonry made of two rods.I leave a gap between them of a few centimeters.Every seam is further reinforced galvanized mesh, making cuts at the railing of the parapet.The top row of lined skin.


Sergei made a leveling screed, using beacons.They secured a thick solution.The next day, I primed.The mixture is added fibrovolokno.Paul poured and razravnyal rule.

Installation of windows

If the window was close to the plant, Sergey and windows would have made with their own hands.And so I had to order ready.To the window sill was warm, Sergei asked to Podstavochny profile, which put the windows, make holes and zapenit it.You also need to consider how the windowsill will speak on foam blocks.Validating retreated about 9cm.Sill host bit clipped, so it does not come into contact with the wall and does not vystuzhal loggia.


insulated loggia "Penoplex" Sergei began from the ceiling.Each piece of the insulation on the ceiling and walls, he secured with two fasteners with plastic nails - to make it warmer.Subsequently, they will squeeze even crate.

Where wall bordered on the floor, ceiling and parapet, another wall, Sergei left inch gap and zapenil it.After drying, cut unnecessary.Every 40 cm forumchanin glued to "Penoplex" double-sided tape.To him stuck "Penofol."Likewise heater attached to the parapet.

Places fixing adhesive tape to a heater pre-wipe dust, otherwise it will fall off!

On the floor of each sheet of insulation Sergei secured at five locations: the insulation must be at a standstill, as it would screed floor heating.The wall between the balcony and the apartment is not necessary to insulate.

Laying floor heating

On "Penoplex" Sergei glued thin "Penofol" (about 3 mm) Mylar coating.Again using foil tape.On the floor spread a net for the tie.Using nylon cable ties attached to her belt to hold the cable floor heating.Stepping back about 5 cm from the future wall panels and furniture, and began laying the cable floor heating.Step cable - no more than 7.5 cm. Near the entrance to the coils do a little more.

Put beacons, cut the ribbon "penofol" and laid it between the wall of the temperature gap (to tie in the heat is not broke and selling insulation).Then poured screed.

before filling be sure to insert the temperature sensor in the corrugation!

Installation sill

Sergey sliced ​​and screw a few bars.They put the windowsill, immediately cut it to size.On the window sill and put the goods zapenil his few visits (zapenil, I waited until dry, moisten with water, again zapenil).


Make crate - is simple, but Sergei advises to take into account such things:

  • attach the bars near the floor in such a manner that it can later be screwed plinth;
  • to in contact with parapet panels did not cave in, a number of crates do at the level of the human knee.

ceiling Sergey bought a metal strip bent it on the desired profile.Then slipped under the lath ceiling - so it seemed safer.

masonry tile tile

Sergei glued using a notched trowel on a stretched string.For uniform gaps between tiles insert crosses.After laying jammed joints.


Before plating loggia Sergey held wires.On the wall with a heater installed outside the outlet.Crate in this place screwed in advance.On the wall of the room he made the sockets, having worked puncher.
illumination on the ceiling - LED.Four tape 5 m (100 W) forumchanin attached to the ceiling by galvanized mesh.Its cut into strips, buckled ends (not to damage the insulation) and made 4 tracks that pulled the ceiling strip of metal.The ribbon of LEDs attached to these tracks with nylon ties.


It was the most enjoyable stages.Sergei jigsaw cut material and is attached to the crate.Fast enough loggia acquired solid appearance.

first Sergey crepe lining furniture stapler.However, it is not pressed seamless panels to each other.With this task coped small screws, bolted at a slight angle.


Using a water level, Sergey made the crate to the ceiling.The suspension system instead of native plates he put translucent plastic.So far, the ceiling white.However, further forumchanin plans to order the printing self-adhesive film with a picture of the sky.


Loggia Sergey divided into two zones.On the one hand, he organized the workplace, the other - a mini bedroom.Measure the dimensions of office equipment and TV, I made drawings of furniture and gave them to the factory.There sawn chipboard, drill all the necessary holes.Furniture forumchanin collected independently.On the opposite side of the owner in the same way did the lift bed, and behind it - a case.

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