Automatic gates

By Admin | Building
15 May 2016
But as time passed, changed the time, people, customs, and this is no time for us, luxury has become a reality.Now, each of us in the presence of desire and of course the funds can afford to install automatic gates.

Currently, the market is large enough for automatic gates and proposals for the installation of automatic gates on street billboards, press and the Internet, too, more than enough.But how to understand the many types of automatic gates, barriers, shutters, to start the installation, and so on. D. In all this, we try to understand this article.

According to the purpose automatic doors can be divided by purpose.Well, firstly, automatic gates can serve as course for household needs.They can be installed in country houses, estates and so on. D. Second, automatic gates are widely used in industry.In the typology of automatic gates can be divided into: automatic garage doors (sectional doors), automatic entrance (sliding gates, swing gates).

garage doors often used in areas with aggressive en
vironments: high humidity, concentration of chemicals, high or low temperatures, which can lead to corrosion of the internal structures of gates, but as a consequence of the weakening and failure.All the designs of garage doors are covered with a zinc layer thickness of not less than 20 microns, including the torsion spring mechanism that prevents corrosion and extends the service life.

Given the specific Russian conditions, all metal profiles are made with a minimum thickness of 2 mm, which prevents premature failure of the gate due to improper use.Garage doors - are the best choice a person capable of analytically evaluate the benefits of modern designs.

sliding doors are installed inside the yard where space is limited and can fall back either to the right or to the left.Sliding doors move in the outdoor rail out of the earth by 15 mm - distance, easily overcomes any, including heavy vehicles without damaging the tire.Sliding doors are ideal for repairs: a new rail is screwed to the old flooring.The water does not stay in the rail due to the holes for drainage.

mechanical reliability of the design of the sliding gate is provided by two units of rollers that move in a special beam profile, located at the bottom of the canvas.Two blocks are to strictly calculate the distance from each other and provide the necessary balanced equilibrium of the entire moving system.

Due to the unique system of console units, sliding doors off the ground - there is no lower or upper rail.When you open the sliding gate opening is freed completely.Console units are mounted on a strong foundation.

separate area of ​​the market for home automation are shutters, gates and barriers.It is worth noting shutters, because every year their installation is becoming increasingly popular due the criminal situation in the country.Shutters are a structure consisting of interconnected slats, strips, rolled up inside the box.

shutters are designed to provide protection against breaking windows, doors, garage doors and other openings.How they cope with this function can be judged by the vast number of people in preference to window bars and other types of protection for the few years that the product is in the Russian market.As well as the experience of other countries where the shutters have long been an integral part of the external appearance of houses, shops, offices and the first floors of residential buildings.Shutters have a respectable appearance, protect against solar radiation, a stranger sight, noise, dust, cold.They also meet the requirements of fire safety, as in the open position provides an escape route through the windows.Roller shutters - is a remedy that will allow you not to worry about your house while on vacation, or just a short-term absence.

shutters have many advantages that you will surely appreciate.But the main is a high resistance to cracking.Shutters made of two kinds of materials: aluminum, steel, various treatments which allows to offer a sufficient number of solutions, differing in the level of protection and therefore low.The choice of options is based on the optimal ratio of your needs and opportunities.Increasingly, in the protection of various objects prefer roller-blinds (roller blinds) and lattice.Optimum protection and at the same time the display of goods on display after closing the store - these advantages speak in favor of roller shutters.Different types of profiles will satisfy all customer requirements.In addition, a wide variety of additional protective accessories.Shutters of all types are controlled by:
  • - traction tape
  • - electric
  • - crankshaft-rod mechanism

Advantages of electric drive is that both are managed by one or more blinds;It is also possible to use the radio remote control shutters.Blinds - this is what will make your home, apartment, shop, garage or office more safe and secure.

Another very popular designs are automatic barriers.Automatic barrier consists of a rack with a power mechanism, the boom and the electronic control unit.According to the principle of action can be barriers electromechanical and hydraulic.Electromechanical barrier lift mechanism comprises an electric motor, reducer and balancing spring.The hydraulic boom Turnpike is driven hydraulically and balancing spring.To cover a wide driveways can be used two barrier installed "meet" each other and work in sync.

important parameter is the barrier opening time (closing), for various models of the time ranges from 1.5 to 10 seconds.In some models, the setting of elements on the boom warning lights, curtains, mobile support and border security - rubber profile at the bottom of the boom.Boom length of the barrier for various models ranging from 3 to 12 meters.

All these designs look very stylish and fit perfectly in virtually favorite interiors.So what do you need to install on your home, office, factory automatic gate?Well, if you have the desire, then it is half the battle.Then you need to choose a good company that will give you a list of services on the installation of gates, gager services, consultancy, estimates, and so on. D. To date, the market is very patchy and should be directed to companies that already have experience in this field.There illegal one-day firms should not be resorted.

It remains to wish you successful acquisitions and the successful operation of automatic gates, barriers and shutters