Proper warm cake blind area.

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15 May 2016

Many novice developers think that the main purpose of the blind area - is to protect the foundation from rain, and walk around the house on it simpler and easier.But, as the experience of users, properly made with insulation and blind area, coupled with the drainage system can solve a much wider range of tasks - from reducing the forces of frost heaving, a devastating effect on the foundation to drain groundwater and protect the basement.

is why blind area, as well as insulated ledge should be seen as a complex system, but in order to make things right, should heed the advice of our members of the forum.

is the situation told forumchanin with the nickname Felo:

- I started to build a house about seven years ago, and squeezing the foundation was only in the last two years.The foundation of my belt columnar.Tape nezaglublёnnaya 40h20 cm pillars 1.6m. Why did this happen to me now clear: blind area and the drainage time did not.But is there any way out of this situation?

user with the nickname al185 in this case advises warm base and blind area.It is also important to make literate surface drainage.

So, in order to prevent the extrusion of the foundation in the future, it is first necessary: ​​

  • divert water.
  • insulated foundation.

Felo :

- This summer I plan to make insulated blind area, and to lower the groundwater level to the drainage pipes to dissolve the ditch.

article on how to approach the choice of foundation available this link .

To reduce the groundwater level, it was decided to replace two broken pipes connecting with each other roadside ditch.

water safely went into the woods and the water level in the area has dropped by 20 cm.

then was made blind area warm, foundation drainage and storm sewer.And as shown by the season, all of the above measures helped prevent further bulging of the foundation.

warmed blind area is laid out around the underground part of the foundation horizontally or at a slight angle or sheets of extruded polystyrene foam.The sheets are laid at a depth of 30-40 cm from the ground at a slight angle in the direction of the foundation, which provides water flow.Due to warming the soil around the foundation does not freeze, and thus greatly reduced the power of frost heaving.

blind area with insulation to show all their positive qualities to the fullest extent, it must be properly mounted, and this process of the construction should be divided into successive stages.

Valentin Penza:

- The perimeter of the house, I dug up on a bayonet spade 1.3 m from the wall.In a fourth wall removed topsoil.In general, it got about 20 cubic meters of earth.

The second stage was to fill up the first layer of ASG thickness of 10 cm, leveled it, ram and put it Epps thickness of 10 cm.

Valentin Penza:

- I peretaskat in otmostku14 cubes CBC.In order to ensure a snug fit sheets Epps to the ground, I leveled backfill beacons, tamp down, bar, and then fell asleep with wet sand (a bunch of watered with a hose) and leveling rule.Due to the thin layer of sand on top of ASG, a smooth surface with a slope away from the wall 3 cm per meter.

about how to choose a heater tells here.

but really smooth and strong surface was only after backfilling walked three times vibratory plates.

Valentin Penza:

- After that, I left for a month from the construction site, and when he arrived, the surface was still feels like concrete.Only the upper part of the thin layer of sand washed away by rain.But foam lay perfectly still.Without any breaks and gaps.

Epps our forumchanin was putting the long side of the wall, ie,1.2 m.

Valentin Penza:

- Sheets of foam, I hid the thickest polyethylene, which just happens to sell.

then forumchanin insulated part of the foundation of the foam to the point where it will end with concrete.And to separate the concrete from the walls of the blind area, Valentin Penza, precut Epps thickness of 5 cm, glued with special glue the sheets to the wall.

learn how to dry a wet cellar, you will learn here.

Valentin Penza:

- to get as part of one continuous casing.A polyethylene I turned to these strips.

Then, on top of the film was expanded another layer CBC about 12 cm, which is leveled on beacons and stamped metal pipe vibratory plates.Then came the turn of the formwork.

Valentin Penza:

- On perfectly smooth compacted CBC at a distance of 1.1 m from the wall I put on an edge 10 of the board.I fix it this way: beyond the CBC tapes rammed into the ground hammered pegs and short dosochki using screws and connected to the shuttering boards.

total was covered 6 cubic meters of concrete, and the casting process took 1.5 hours.After smoothing the surface Valentin Penza closed otmostku film and poured concrete for three days until he was cured.

Valentin Penza:

- otmostki out flat and smooth.And most importantly, it managed to raise the surface in some places even 35 cm and now the house is on a hill, as it were, and all the water drains from the house.This is a proven during a rainstorm.

But there is another view of the device blind area.For example, Vladimir Tallinn recommends no concrete blind area to avoid cracking it, but just warm and top with paving stones.Since the main task of insulated blind area - is still, heat retention in the area around the foundation.

Anatoly A:

- I have a thick layer of insulation in the blind area of ​​100 mm, and on the foundation of only 50 mm.Here everyone decides and thinks himself, but there are certain criteria that must be followed.This heat of the earth, which must be preserved as much of the area around the house, and which then will not let the cold penetrate to the foundation depth.

Also, our user has decided on the perimeter of the blind area to mount the drain pipe with a diameter of 110 mm, at ¾-wrapped in a waterproof membrane, through which all perched and precipitation are removed from the foundation.

Anatoly A:

- In my case, the main task was to collect perched with a blind area and part of the film abroad.Pipe though wrapped membrane, but lies at a depth of about 30 cm and the water collects horse and its boundary.Besides film and geotextile filter prevents silted pipes.

drainage When the device is very important to maintain the required bias on average it is about 1 cm per meter of drainage pipe, but there is no clearly defined values.

Anatoly A:

-Uklon I broke down about 2-3 cm per s / m, and the pipes converge at a single point in the drain.Before the drainage pipe laid, I spilled the future blind area of ​​the surface of the hose.Make sure the water goes where I need to, I put the pipe, wrapped it in a geotextile, waterproofing membrane wrapped, covered with sand and buried.

use of sand in a similar pie blind area can be significantly minimized, becauseit is, in principle, only to align the site for the installation of insulation.And best of sand mixed with loam - and then tamp it will to some extent waterproof.

This article you learn how to make their own MZFL.

As a result of the above activities is moving away from the base boundary of freezing.Thermal insulation reduces the blind area, and even eliminates the progress of soil, tile, concrete blind area in the basement.

Anatoly A:

- After insulated blind area, I measured the temperature at the street - 30-35C for a week or two in an unheated house without blind area and the blind area.In the winter in an unheated building was noticeably warmer in the basement and on the floor - an average of six degrees.Is not this proof of performance insulated blind area?

How to make your own blind area warmed and drainage users can learn in this branch of our forum.About what to do, if the forces of frost heaving raised the corner of the house, our forumchanin recounts here.From this a movie you will learn how to make a drainage area.And in this video clearly tells about the correct way to reinforce the formwork melkozaglublennogo strip foundation.