From furniture to home: what can be done from the pallet

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15 May 2016

The first question that comes to mind when considering products from pallets - where to get the stuff?The answer is simple: almost any distribution center or warehouse of household goods.Most likely, there will give them free or for a small fee.Get hold of wooden pallets and wooden bars of rubber and automotive glass can be in the car shop.

best to use the so-calledpallets, but note that they are difficult to understand than the packaging of domestic production.Pay attention to the width of the boards.Standard - 120-125 mm, thickness - 12 mm.

How to disassemble the pallets?

understand - not to build.However, in this case, you have a lot of patience and time.After all, if you do not use pallets for rough walls, and, for example, for furniture, you need to get even and without significant flaws board.

According to friends, the removing of the pallet takes 15-20 minutes.It seems - not much, but it's - if you're going to do, say, garden table.And what about the whole house?That was then, and think

about.You can speed up the process - if you develop relevant skills and reserved the right tool.

You will need: a claw hammer (better authenticity and with the flat end of a width not less than 3 cm), a hammer, pliers, pincers, perhaps - and an ax.It works better in cloth gloves.Also prepare met: the nails of various sizes right sort of jars.Straight and slightly curved nails (after, you can straighten) surely come in handy on the farm.The rest can be filled into a concrete solution by pouring the foundation or device garden path.

before disassembling pallets dry well.The most common pallets made from pine, aspen, birch boards.Less common oak or exotic hardwoods: quebracho, Hevea.Snatch rusty nails from the boards of more complex: a claw hammer pulls her hat and mites snack nail.Inspect the tray from all sides, turn.If the nails pierced through, recessed or curved, such a product is better to postpone.Most likely, you will break during disassembly transverse board.

If bent nails are many, nothing to do, have to work with them.Forum users are advised to remove the nails are as follows:

  1. Take a thick nail (120-150 mm) or M6 screw.Place it on the nail hat knocked out and hit with a hammer - so hat the last bit drowned, and got out of the curved end of the board.
  2. Straighten the bent tip pliers or cut, such as Bulgarian.
  3. Knock a nail back, hitting the tip of the rectified.

straight nail easily pulled out a claw hammer for just raised hat.To raise it, gently pull the board, and then hit return it to the place.

So, we proceed to disassembly!Turn the pallet and stand on her feet.Hammer nail puller at an angle to the cubes, pull over.If you want to keep the dice push myself.Pulling hard, lengthen the lever.It does not work?Then chop blocks ax.Remove the center board with the dice.Keep in mind that some of them will remain in the nails or pull out from hats through both boards.

resulting shield put on another pallet.Straighten the bent nails and knock them with a hammer.

slightly bent nails comfortably beat by pliers.


Members Active Vened uses pallets differently.Bad saws for firewood, furniture of good deeds.House has assembled a collection of such products: chairs, stools, benches, chairs, shelves (in the bath and dressing room), a box for dirty linen trolley.Furniture has gathered on the screws, cover the stain and varnish parquet.Curly did jigsaw cuts.

chairs crafted enamel for outdoor use.All furniture varnish bath Sauna, except parts that come into contact with the body.They were covered with oil shelf.First, all the details are handled, then collected, and the product is already in finished form, again covered.


tray treat sandpaper treat protective structures from rotting and insects.Then wrap with foil or landscape cloth sides, bottom and back side of the pallet.Leave the top open.The film can be attached to construction stapler.Fill the earth, gently tap.Now the plants can be planted.Effectively vertical flower bed will look frizzy, for example, ivy and bindweed.Suit stonecrop, alyssum, loosestrife, young, thyme and other ground cover.

Do not rush to put a flower garden vertically immediately after planting.Wait a couple of weeks until they take root.Water the flower bed from top to bottom.

From wooden pallets can be made and raised vegetable beds.Then it will be easier for the cultures of care.

Garden House

fence, rough interior walls, Booths for dogs, chicken coop, garden furniture, toilet - where only forum users have not used pallets!But Kobluha built a house!At first it was used as a shed, with time (when the main house will be ready), he will be a guest.Size of construction - 5x4 m. In addition to pallets, and used the timber - "a hundred" (for the upper and lower strapping), insulation, siding, metal roofing, floorboards, battered tile (for the base).

House stand up for nearly a month, and about 40 thousand - along with interior and exterior trim.By comparison, construction trailers are 70,000 "wooden".His views are not pleasing to the eye, and here - cheap and beautiful!

Summer residents live in the house from May to November for three years.In the summer it is cool, early spring and autumn building is heated by oil batteries.House withstood even severe storms, while in the neighbor's blown away.Later they expanded the living space: the owners built a veranda and a kitchen, in the future we plan to attach and bath.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"