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14 May 2016

Malozaglublёnny strip foundation or as it is called for short MZFL, according to users deservedly one of the most common reasons for the home.And this foundation is equally well suited for oblёgchёnnyh structures such as frame houses, as well as for heavy stone buildings, such as arbolita.

But despite a number of advantages, such as efficiency, MZFL requires thoughtful and responsible approach to each stage of its construction.Herein lies one of the pitfalls.Many developers, rightly considering this type of foundation for one of the best self-build, yet allow for a number of annoying bugs, subsequently leading to additional material costs for repairs strip foundation.

But first things first.So, what's the hidden benefit of the construction of the foundation MZFL?

believed that laying the foundation below the freezing depth, but for the suburbs, this average depth of 1.5 meters, will avoid the forces of frost heaving.But, as it increases the area of ​​the side walls of the basement,

it is often the construction of deep foundation tape under a light house - it is simply unjustified waste of money.Since such a home can not balance the forces of frost heaving unloaded seeking to push the foundation up.

Compared to conventional belt foundation MZFL will avoid the so-called excess "burying money in the ground."Since the tape foundation laid at a depth of freezing, it requires a much larger volume of excavation, resulting in increased construction costs.

And if before the building the majority of developers primarily reflect on the question: And if the foundation will stand the weight of my house? need to rephrase the question slightly: A stand whether the ground under the weight of the foundation of my house?

One way to defeat the bad ground - no problem to replace him.The user of our forum (forum name Nai74 )

- first, dug a trench depth at the highest point in 70 cm and 50 cm at the bottom.Next
made incompressible backfill soil.Then, filled sand layers with tamping and pouring some water.I hand-rammed sand rammer made from block of wood and cutting.Sand otsypali 20 cm, then gravel fractions 20-40, also in layers.But it's best to rent a compactor, which is much faster work.Backfilled 25 cm of rubble, get a pillow 45 cm.

You can then proceed to the assembly of the formwork. Nai74 advises:

- used Formwork board 40 * 200.Rack bar from 50 * 100 to savings made from the old window frames.Formwork assembled quickly enough on its inside upholstered film, lay on the bottom of the roofing material and began to knit reinforcement.

But what if your site has a noticeable bias or irregularities?Use this deficiency to their advantage!Interestingly comprehensive and balanced approach to the construction of our new posts MZFL (forum name marin )

- I section 20x40, GWL normal season at a depth of 70-80 cm, the length of the slope portion, soil - fertile layer andloam 40-60 cm, then red clay 30-60 cm.The slope of the mound, and it shared the building spot exactly in half, but the slope of the site has played on my hand, allowing me to later use it to organize a proper sewerage and drainage.

Before you start to dig a trench under the foundation, it is necessary to remove the fertile layer of the earth!


- On the advice of members of the forum, I decided to remove the topsoil and at the same time cut the hill from the garden and some even out of land.For this couple drove tractors.One tractor raspluzhil my strawberry beds to a depth of a plow about 30 cm and the other bucket very carefully removed the topsoil and blew it to the edge of the area.

About how to approach the selection of cultivators can be read in this article .

Do formwork

Once dug a trench, you must make the formwork.

The main purpose of the formwork is the exact form of the future provision of foundation and structural elements.Standard formwork is a wooden mold made of board which is then poured concrete.After the concrete hardens, formwork dismantled.With careful approach, the boards can be reused.

interesting experience in manufacturing shuttering of one of the members of our forum (forum name artemsid )

- I Bottom Shots 350th roofing material, inside the formwork obtyanuli banners and film.Ordered dimensional reinforcement 11,7m, that was a whole, without joints.He reinforced in two rows of three rod 14mm, 60cm every frame of the 10th valve.Frames bent homemade device from the corner of the kerf, attached to the grid.
then put the bottom row of valves, angles and pulled proarmiroval formwork wire installed on the frame and the top row of reinforcement.Formwork closed film to avoid being flooded by rain.Laser level did layout and insert screws.

Marin :

- My builders, too, when marking the site - in order to bring in line the horizon used the laser level, and to have seen a line made it clearernight. errors it will not be exact!

In order to secure the edges of the formwork can be used Electrical tavern.Since it is convenient to use with pull bars to keep all formwork.

Learn more about the construction of strip foundations users can in this section of our forum.There collected all the materials for working with lasers.And in this video clearly shows all the stages of work on the recast of the problem of the foundation.