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13 May 2016

All the joy of acquisition suburban area can be spoiled due to lack of infrastructure: access roads, power and water supply, gasification.And if with all the other positions you can hold off, then quality built road is a necessary condition, without which, in practice, there is no way to drive to the site of construction materials, to deliver equipment for the installation of utilities, but just comfortable to reach the site for you and your households with homeanimals and all necessary dacha belongings.For this reason, the construction of roads - the overriding theme for discussion.

How to get the representatives of the administration building of public roads?Who and how to perform the duties of financing and organizing the construction, maintenance and repair?What documentation necessary to prepare to the road was adopted on the balance of the administration of the local government?These and many other questions you can get the answer by looking at the legal section Infrastructure , subject " FAQ. Practice combat bad roads "

The practice of buying and receiving an inheritance the land, there are cases of acquisition area, surrounded byall the private possessions, without access roads and pedestrian passages to him.What to do?In this case the problem is solved by the establishment of a limited right to use the neighboring plots - land easements. easement on the road - about the mechanisms of the installation, the reasons for refusal and destination charges for the use you can read on our forum.

you at their own expense to repair roads and go through it, those who refused to take part in the repair.Or vice versa, you have blocked free passage to your site.Subject " Barriers. The validity of the installation " will decide who and on what grounds can get permission to install the barrier.

major problem when buying plots on former agricultural land is the lack of roads.The issues on construction of highways "from scratch" will help you Topic " Construction of the road" on virgin soil "" , where a wealth of experience of our members of the forum in the fight against bad roads.

" device entrance to the site through a drainage ditch or a small ravine " primary task of every owner of the site after the construction of public roads. And then you can come to the aid of the theme of our forumchanin beutiflet " concreting. In particular on the ground (photo report) "

next stage of improvement area, as a rule, is the construction of " car parked under " .One of the original solutions, there may be " parking geogrid. Photo " .

For devices competent public roads, entrances to the area, parking for car and garden paths can not do without the use of geotextiles .It not only prevents mixing of the cake layers of pavement, but also inhibits the growth of weeds. How to choose and the geotextile can be replaced , in his absence, you can visit our forum.

lately gaining momentum in popularity of lawn lattices for the device under the car parks and ski areas.Excellent appearance and durability of the grass coverage for parking is provided right choice for parking a lawn lattice , preparing grounds for its styling and high-quality seed.

If you chose to concrete for roads, a small but very informative theme will help you find the answer to the question " What brand of concrete to fill ?" .

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