Summer kitchen and pergola

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13 May 2016

Ask any summer resident with which he is associated mandatory program of the day in the "country residence".Well, gardening, work on the improvement of the site and at home - that goes without.But you still be sure to talk about what a kebab, meat, fish, roasted vegetables, soup, fried mushrooms, cakes, the list is endless, did and ate with great pleasure in the open air.Well loves a Russian cook and eat!And he loves to cook comfortably.Therefore, one of the necessary buildings in the area is the kitchen!It does not always permanent structure, but not necessarily a place organized carefully and with love, which will perform sacred rite of cooking.

So, first consider examples of thorough buildings, closed the summer kitchen where you can cook food in bad weather, and even visit the garden in winter, not afraid of cold and bad weather. " Glazed gazebo, barbecue logs ", of course, less monumental structure, but also as kitchenette, mentioned above, which allows even in winter happy to spend it for

a long time preparing refreshments and socializing with guests.

"the Abstract on building kitchens" can be a real tutorial for those who visit the garden year round involves, when necessary, to the kitchen room was ready on demand enable comfortable cooking.

Another variant is not only insulated but also heated gazebo built on frame technology, which comfortably take friends throughout the year, invites us into his theme "Allen House-arbor" Validating DFOR.

Now to the "lite" version of the summer kitchens and gazebos, which involve receiving guests during the spring and autumn season.When you do not want to deprive yourself of the pleasure to sit at the well-set table outdoors.

And one of the models of the original decision gazebo built around an open hearth are gazebos twin forumchanin Kir777 "The center of the disc. Barbecue outlived its №5" and Monster "Grill-house type. Based on Kir777"

recommend meetwith another detailed report on the construction of "Pergolas barbecue with his own hands", where the author tells not only about the construction of pavilions, but a small device monolithic complex with sink and barbecue for processing and cooking.

Summer kitchen forumchanin Nuf-Nuf is a true masterpiece, and if you will not be able to repeat it, then certainly it will give a lot of decisions and awaken your imagination

Well, pay attention to the convenient options glazed summer pavilions, which are not intended tothe title of the winter house, but, if desired, can cope with the reception of guests in the cold season, as are glazed and are able to protect them from rain and wind all the rest in them.

Spacious wooden "summer kitchen" of deified aged wood, with furnace complex, able to accommodate more than a dozen guests at his hospitable roof.

A new posts Simply Maria introduced us to his gazebo, they family lovingly made of stone, decorated with wood.What she tells in detail in the topic "Garden furniture and stone. Let's go ..."