Choosing roofing - 2

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12 May 2016

In this review, we will continue our conversation on the choice of roofing for our dearly beloved summer cottages and homes.We have already talked about the most, perhaps, popular in recent years flexible, metal, remembered seam roof .At this time, our attention will be paid to such roofing materials as ondulin and keramoplast as well, not the most popular because of the high cost and complexity of the installation, but always attractive, roofs made of natural materials: wood (shingle and planed), stone and earth (sod) roof.

In the first part of our review, we will talk with you about the sheet metal roofing materials, which are considered among the most democratic in price - it is wavy bitumen sheets and corrugated sheets made of keramoplasta.How aesthetically and economically appealing these coatings for roofs of our houses.We will try to deal with the help of our forum.

So, what is "Ondulin"?What is the roofing material.What are the advantages over other evroshifer coatings for roofs?Is it tr

ue that a detailed calculation of the cost of future roof, "Onduline more out of metal?"The answer to these questions will try to find the same name in the theme of "other roofing materials."

Now look at a relatively new material that simulates the tiled roof, but largely inferior to it for the price."Onduvilla" - the name is easy to roofing, which has all the characteristics of Ondulina as the use of technology "high resistens", operating characteristics, and by sufficient ease of installation.

More 2 roof coverings, which recently pay attention forum users - is " Keramoplast " and " Renoplast ".Lightweight material, which allows the execution of roofing works by one person, ecological purity and strength (for the manufacturers), the relative cheapness of these makes an attractive roof made of composite material.It remains a "but" - it is the relative youth of the coating produced in Russia only since 2000.That does not prevent our forum users to ponder the question what to choose " Ondulin or keramoplast ".

next group of roofing materials, which we addressed in our review - a tiled roof.Roofs made of natural, cement-sand tiles and polimerpeschannoy that attract not only for its beauty, but also the proven reliability of roofing.However, the remains are several reasons why data roofing is not so common in Russia.And the main reason - the high cost of shingles.However, it is difficult

st laying and wiring errors natural tile can spoil the joy of the acquisition of the roof.

However, it is possible to save a piece of tile roofs.This acquisition "Polimerpeschannoy tiles" and "Tsementnopeschannoy tiles", which already competes with metal tile in popularity.And the quality of the execution and performance, many are trying to compare with natural CHR.

last block of the review, we will devote most probably the original and unpopular at the moment the roof.On the one hand it conveniently with other such roofs are as good as, and not only troublesome in the manufacture, installation, and operation.Although many are nostalgic desire to cause at least one of the objects in the area to decorate such a coating.And We are talking about natural roofs of wood and earth.

"shingles on the roof" - something that came naturally to our ancestors, it was an amazing luxury in modern house.Although it is difficult to imagine the roof, more organic for wooden buildings, made in old style.

"TŃ‘sovaya roof" perfectly justifies itself as a coating for roofs of houses, resembles a brutal Building a strong economy Siberian merchants.Beauty and, if not strange, the durability of these roofs overshadows their fire risk, cost and labor for installation.

Well, finally, talk about funny roofs, more common in Scandinavia and in the Russian north.This "Earthmoving (sod) roof."However, in the topic "The grass on the roof," you can get acquainted with modern technology device green roof, suitable for all types of buildings.

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