Construction of houses on frame technology

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11 May 2016

economical and fast, which is very important for an individual house construction.Due to modern technology is not inferior, and, at times, and superior technical characteristics of houses built of stone and wood.Allows to implement the boldest architectural ideas.Enabling under certain skills to cope with the construction of the house on their own.Gained immense popularity in the climate close to the Russian climate.However, like any other has its supporters and opponents.Frame technology, the advantages and disadvantages of application in the construction of houses which we discuss in this review.

If you do not already have an idea of ​​what distinguishes the frame technology from all other technologies of construction of a private house, the theme of " FAQ. Where to start. Books, articles, specifications, videos, etc. - on frame homes "hold you kind of educational program, get acquainted with specialized literature, videos, as well as the basics of frame building from foundation to roof.

theme "FAQ. Timber frame house" will allow you to get answers to common questions about the regulations, building materials, technology frame housing.A good illustration

never hurts, especially if it videoillyustratsiya.With experience, both domestic and foreign builders, various technologies of painting and decorating, holding utilities in frame house, you will be able to meet in the topic "Video online for the construction of frame houses."

And finally define their priorities, to make a choice in favor of, and perhaps not, we are discussing the technology will help you to the theme of "frame house: the pros. Cons, educational program (myths and reality)"

Following proverb"to learn - always useful," turned his attention to the experience of builders in North America and the Nordic countries that have succeeded in the development of technologies for construction of frame houses.

Meet and discuss the "Nordic" frame housing a school, you can in the theme "Nordic frame houses - the experience of northern neighbors (Finland, Sweden, Norway)."

no less interesting topic in which you can not only get acquainted with the experiences and work, but also to ask professional builders from Canada - "Building a frame house in Canada."

"Norwegian House to give year round" - the theme from which you learn more about building a house on the original Norwegian project using Nordic technology construction of a frame house.

better to see once than a few times ... read.Movies "carcass home. Scandinavian technology" and "Warming frame house" ForumHouse.TV site will acquaint you with the features of the installation frame, truss system and insulation of the walls in the construction of "Norwegian House," which was mentioned above.

And now look at the work of our members of the forum on the construction of their own homes. detailed story with a photo report on the construction of a small house with a loft on the pier foundation,

perform your own hands, you can find the topic " construction of holiday homes and a canopy for cars ".

With the phased, detailed images, a full report on the work carried out by the foundation to the design of the facade of the original one-story home, you can explore the topic "The frame house 9h11 from the foundation to the roof of the holiday and the weekend."As

using not the most expensive technology to build a house that produces the effect of one of the finest examples of wooden architecture will tell you the theme "House built-Nuf Nuf."At the same topic you will find many ideas on the original design of the interior and exterior of the house, as well as a device small summer kitchen.

All with their own hands.From the construction of the house before the utilities - one of the most informative forum on the construction of frame houses - "My frame house (Framing House)".

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