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11 May 2016

Autumn - it is time of rains.So, it's time to protect the house from excessive moisture and think about installing sewers and livnepriemniki.

It would seem that it is the small details, but it depends on them - whether in the basement is dry, you will not break down the base and foundation.The water flowing from the roof of chaotic on the ground, eroding the soil at the base of the house, the moisture settles on the facade.All this reduces the lifespan of the structure.

In tsarist times the duty of installing drains was fixed by law."At the downspouts to believe iron sheets 2 yardstick length, cutting them lengthwise into three pieces and pass one level to another, from 1 to 1.5 inches" - means in the position in 1825, approved by Emperor Alexander I.

Nowadays rare builder produces watercourses alone - all elements of the system can be bought in the store.How to make the right choices, participants are advised to forumhouse.ru.

Metal or plastic?

Modern gutters can be made of various materials - g

alvanized steel and polymer-coated steel, aluminum, copper, iron, PVC and other plastics, concrete, stone and even wood.

most popular builders are metal and plastic systems.Member forumhouse.ru Mihai decide which option to choose:

- Tell me, please, what a drain better.Eyes fled.The most affordable of course, PVC.But as it is suitable to our conditions?

If we talk about the materials themselves, the durability depends on the integrity of their products.High-quality plastic drains are usually released with a 25-year warranty lifetime.This plastic is not prone to corrosion and poor quality galvanized metal can quickly rust.Plastics which in turn can be burned by the sun and lose form.This is especially true of dark saturated colors - brown, burgundy, green.If the manufacturer could not resist technology, ultraviolet light can destroy not only the color but also the material.

about important differences plastic and metal gutters tells forumchanin BevashSpb :

- Plastic pipes do not burst during freezing when water turns to ice, but in extreme cold plastic from the impact bursts.Metal for our climate better.

have metal systems is a plus - a small thermal expansion, thus avoiding deformation of the trough.

Members Active Roma2806 believes that plastic is good only when it's warm.For greater reliability of metallic systems in the harsh climate, he advises to install extra heating:

- If you live closer to the south, and in the cold season temperature does not fall below minus ten degrees, place the plastic.And if the north - a metal gutter heating.Plastic is good its practicality and low weight, but it is not designed rear.Metal - thermal conductivity, and can be placed in harsh conditions, however, sometimes the price is high.

However, the need for heating cables in gutters - a moot point.

Explore more about heating can drain this topic in our forum.

Members Active Verwolf considers that prevent any deformation of the pipes by freezing water in them can be competently installing gutters:

- nothing to burst, it is necessary to calculate and establish a system ensuring the complete drainage of gutters.

Indeed, the thermal expansion of the plastic in six times the expansion of the metal.This property must be considered when installing plastic systems and keep the temperature gaps.Installation affects the durability of the metal systems: if the water in them will be delayed, it will increase the risk of metal corrosion and damage from freezing.

Secrets mounting

How to install a drainage system?First we need to determine what kind of water drainage system is preferable for your home.It is a closed (internal) and an open (external) type.The first is most commonly used in multi-storey buildings: water drainage system are set so that the pipes are placed within a short distance from the outer walls.For outdoor drainage system drains rainwater from the roof is happening through pipes located outside the building.This system is most often applied in private homes, so all the next steps we will be considered in relation to it.

an important link on the way to success - the correct calculation of the amount of materials: gutters, corner pieces, brackets, plugs, connectors, funnels and more.Member Forum vlad19 advises to use online calculator drainage systems: the Internet a lot of them, it is enough to ask a search engine.

When the materials were purchased, proceed to the installation.

1. Fasten holders

First we need to determine where the water intake will be installed or will be organized by the sink.The trough must be tilted to this side.

Verwolf :

- gutters should provide samostok water, iedifference in height in the direction of the funnel must be at least 2 mm at 1 meter trough.

However, some builders are advised to do the slope of the gutter of 5 mm and above.Mark up the location of the hook-holders in view of the tilt.Recent hooks set at a distance of 10 cm from the end of the gutter, the distance between the middle hooks - 0.5 m.

Verwolf :

- Designated installation hooks mark up as follows: from the first to the last wire hook line(the first hook is mounted on the ground level, for the last measure the distance equal to the length of the trough in meters x 2-5 mm - drop height).To avoid confusion, the best hooks numbered.Fasten the first and last hook, combine lace and expose the rest of the markup hooks.

2. adjusting the length of gutter

Manufacturers produce gutters of standard sizes and, most likely, they will be different from the desired length.Adjust the size of the drain can sawed off the excess length of the metal gutter hacksaw (with the right hand, is not breaking geometry) or cut the plastic gutter with a sharp knife.

3. Install gutter holders in

If you are using metal hooks, gutter must be laid on them and bend the petals hooks to cover the trough.

With plastic hooks, proceed as follows: insert the rear edge of the gutter into a corresponding recess of the hook, lower the cutting edge and snap.

order not to disrupt the possibility of thermal expansion, drains desirable to fix screws.

4. Set the funnel

If you purchased a funnel, which is attached at the place, it's pretty easy: at the right place at the trough cut the hole and apply the bottom funnel.

between Funnels gutters are fastened with branded caps with rubber gaskets or glue for PVC.In this case the adhesive is applied to the surface is very abundant, and after setting an additional seam sealant greased.

5. Install gutters and knee

downspout length determined based on the height of the building.With knees regulate its direction, the docking location of the fastening retaining clips (in the case of metal gutters) or glue (if there is an installation of plastic).

And you could play a nocturne on a drainpipe flute?Residential house Ā«Hof der ElementeĀ».Dresden, Germany

Water from the gutters are usually diverted to the drainage system or the central storm sewers.You can provide both a place of gathering deposits - for example, to collect water in a large tank and use it when watering the garden or just take the water through the pipes to a certain safe distance from the house.

6. Protect drains from garbage

To water drainage system is not saturated leaves and debris (especially if you are home or cottage in the forest), open drains should be cleaned at least twice a year - spring and fall.

top of the chute can throw the protective net, and into the drain pipe to install a grid-spider.

Another interesting invention to protect the drain of debris - propylene brush filter, which resembles a branch of artificial fir.It is placed in the trough, preventing the leaves penetrate.

Learn more about how to choose the right and mount gutters, you can in this topic in our forum.What if drains tears snow and ice?Validating give advice here.