Reflections from the front fence

By Admin | Building
10 May 2016

low fence make a mistake in the sense of hard to say, since the idea of ​​fencing the site developers usually choose as your wallet and very rare - in accordance with common sense, and even more so with the architectural and aesthetic needs.Of course, a decent fence is not cheap.However, with small means, but with a strong taste can be quite worthy issue "red" side of the fence (it is about her, we are talking).

Still others reach the point of absurdity: at the house took away hundreds of thousands of rubles or USD, and decided to save on the fence.But not the best received and those who seek to hide behind a three-meter section of a brick wall or metal.Of course, this manor loses both aesthetic and environmentally friendly: maloprovetrivaemy garden - perfect breeding ground for various pests and plant diseases.If you decide to still hide behind a high fence, make it impervious to outside eyes, but free for wind : board came down to not attach the one hand sploshnyakom and alternately on both - as though st

aggered, then between the boardsremain wide enough air holes in the thickness of the slug.

main options protections described in detail in the popular press.Choosing to your Phillips fence taste and possibilities, keep in mind that fence - an important architectural element of the entire ensemble .Careless or ponderously pretentious can spoil the whole picture, not only of the estate where the house - a central object of attention, but also lead to nervous disorders most impressionable of its inhabitants living permanently.
professionals who know the force of impact of a closed space on the human psyche, it is recommended to build a transparent fence, despite the material used.In their submission fence "growth" more than 1.2 meters is considered high. why "classic" fence was just such a height.I must say, he is now in high demand in most of the owners of small gardens.Well prostrogat thoroughly antiseptic, colored, modern "long-playing" all-weather paint type pinotex, nailed, for example, cross-wise or otherwise, he is capable of quite a long time to "hold" territory area is no worse than concrete panels.After all, the fence does not protect against burglars, but only marks the boundary of personal property ...
However, now, when the tree is in the price, many developers are beginning to calculate, it is more profitable: fence on wooden pillars, which stand for 15 years, or reinforcement mesh, and even galvanized,was taken to the section of the angled batten and mounted on metal supports, the life of which is almost comparable, alas, our.For people of modest means, this factor should be the determining factor.In addition, the favorable new situation such fence can effectively modernize.For example, you suddenly have a brick, a proper application of it is not.Let it on the fence, without removing the old.

natural stone decor where you can choose several options: to build only plinth fence height 3-4 bricks by gravel-sand cushion, or the same option to complement computation of the columns, walled up inside the old metal supports, or even make transparent openwork wall, and sectionsmesh used for fencing the other side of the site.

But to give the former front of the fence a new "image" you will succeed only on the condition that it was not built in a hurry, and all the rules. In any fence its sustainability will depend on the installation of pillars. Wood should be dried, burn, and then cover the underground portion of tar several times and wrap with plastic wrap, in the filling out of the ordinary pounds should add large pebbles, broken bricks, and all is well compacted: the pillars of the metal is also desirable progudronit, but their installation will require more work:each support or at least basic (corner, on the gate and the gate) must be set in concrete: the same operations have to do with asbestos-cement pillars only to the inner cavity of each gravel fill with sand or gravel and medium-sized shed with cement mortar.But before concreting rod inserted into the pipe fittings, and doing a slit in the wall where the brackets for insert fell ill.

brick basement fence securely stowed on strip foundations with reinforced waterproofing seal of tar paper or roofing felt.On soft ground it is a prerequisite.

Another bar to a new fence has not healed separate lives from the house and external data overshadowed the modest house before its construction look carefully whether to "Chinese" walls of the city, it may be wise to leave the old fence and bricksell.

Recently sweeping landscape designers are generally advised not to do green fence wooden or mesh fencing, and replace them with so-called green, or "alive". With proper planting and good care of such a fence is extremely decorative, requires no extra costs for its construction and operation.

to create green fences suitable shrubs such , as the hawthorn (bushy forms), thorns, Lemoine jasmine, lilac, honeysuckle, cotoneaster, and others. But the most suitable for the majority of us - Crataegus laevigata (scratchy).Plants will grow quickly, and climb through a hedge would not be possible.

few words about the farming techniques of the hedge.Young hawthorn bushes planted in two rows (50-60 cm is sufficient) staggered by 40 cm apart.During the growth of bushes pruned twice: when reaching a height of 70-80 cm they are pruned by half, when they reach 100-110 cm, trimmed at the level of 70-80 cm. With this pruning will happen soon normal thickening "green" fence.

In order to make it even more impenetrable, neighboring bushes are grafted to each other by convergence.But this occupation, as they say, on the fan.

Care of plantings is to periodically loosening the soil beneath them, fertilizing, watering, pruning bushes and replanting new plants to replace retired.