We are making repairs in the apartment

By Admin | Building
10 May 2016

winter, all my free time, without a shadow of regret about missed opportunities, can be devoted to home, namely home, and even more precisely - a small or global repair work on filling the coziness and comfort of the surrounding space. And we will try to help you with this.Referring to such different areas of our life, how to repair bathrooms, landscaping balcony or loggia, fantasies device ceiling in the apartment and a private home.

And we start a conversation with the ceilings.Rather, with a spectacular performance by its simplicity and the complexity of the structures, the master-class on the device multi-level ceilings with drywall.

Maybe someone will be interested to discuss "Stretch ceilings" - faster, but no less effective way of decorating and repairs of ceilings.

who lives in a city apartment will be pleased to know that there are methods of dealing with the noise from the upper neighbors.For them to set up the forum topic "Flat Ceiling"

If you live surrounded by walls made of wood, y

ou will be interested in the topic "The ceiling in a wooden house (log, lumber, flitches)", full original, unconventional design solutions ceilings country houses.

unusually informative, practical, help the theme "The real solution to sanitary problems. Photos" will help you find answers to many questions about the repair bathrooms, installation of valves and sanitary facilities, tells an interesting design options for bathrooms and shower rooms, toilets.

to solve simpler problems in the repair of toilets in the model homes built in 60-70 years of the last century, you will be useful topics "Repair bathrooms with their own hands? Easily! Photoreport!", "Repair of bathroom and toilet."

In the topic "matured to repair the bathroom and toilet," discusses a modern water supply system in a city apartment.

If the global bathroom renovation is not included in your plans.and you only want to update the coating bath.the note on "acrylic liner in the bath."You will find for yourself out there more.

balconies and loggias - or the paddock smoking family member in the open air or apartment so small that most of us and pulls the "Attach a balcony or loggia to the living room."

And here is some of the members of the forum imagination knows no bounds.For example, why in the area of ​​gift inherited not build a minisauna.

course, most members of the forum many appetites modest.However, they are with their hands ready to take on "Construction of balconies."Well, someone needs just insulate additional 2-3 meters glazed balcony.

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