An underground garage with a "green" roof

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10 May 2016

House - the first facility, which we think, looking at the newly acquired land.Sometimes we just plan and other buildings, think through landscaping.But sometimes so eager to quickly begin construction of their homes, that all this is secondary, postponed.

It happened with forumchanin SERGI.At the beginning of the construction of the house planned to put in the middle of the plot.But a place in the detached garage is not isolated: the owner decided that later this area certainly will be found.Indeed, after the construction of the house and found a place for a garage for two cars.Defined and built with dimensions: 6x6 m and 2.2 m in height.

However, when the owner submitted a finished building, much to think about.The fact that the future would have him barred garage wonderful views of the village, which opened from the terrace of the house.After much deliberation SERGI decided garage "bury", iemake it underground.

Cons of this solution were serious: high costs, a lot of technological nuances, loss of

usable area, the need for laying drainage and installation of handrails, possible problems with the operation of the underground garage in the future, if something was not taken into account.But some of the problems were not as difficult.The site has been forumchanin with difficult terrain and high elevation changes.Just behind the building of the future was the ravine depth of 3 meters.Here could divert rainwater and melt water, which otherwise would flow into the garage.

If the site was flat, forumchanin be organized in the overflow drainage wells.

Inspired by the idea, SERGI immediately proceeded to implement it.The first step is dug pit 8h11h2 m. Then to wake up the pit with sand and gravel, held drainage.

Tied reinforcing mesh, filled plate.

They put formwork and poured concrete walls.

Further works - waterproofing, the organization entry, descent concreting.

In early summer SERGI pave walkways and exit the garage facing stone "Lemeza."

arrival Walls oblitsevat tiles "broken stone" and the double-covered facade paint in the color of the house.The walls are primed.It was very strong, waterproof and easy to clean surface.
the back wall of the garage, which also serves as a retaining wall between the zones raznovysotnyh site forumchanin trimmed with colorful sandstone threaded "noodles" (in the form of long narrow strips).

slowly began to plant.He was engaged in gardening.Although the desired experience forumchanin was not the result he was satisfied: the left "up" stunted conifers, turned green lawn on the roof.

not quite what we would like, it came to the gate.Validating planned to put a sectional gate, but for the rail and the engine is not enough space in depth: horizontal ceiling was only the first 2.5 m, then walked bevel, which became a hindrance.Because of this, it was necessary to establish Rolling gate with remote control.

Operating experience

SERGI feared that rain receivers not cope with heavy rain, and the water will flow down an inclined surface in the garage.However, nothing happened.Water with a whistle took the drain.The only difficulty was that often had to clean the grille, as they hammered the various debris.

Some problems have arisen in the winter.On the descent the snow cleaned easily clear at the bottom was more difficult.It came to the aid snowthrower.Next winter forumchanin decided to make a temporary canopy of three or four beams at an angle, which are stacked on top of polycarbonate sheets.In the spring it can be quickly removed.

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