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09 May 2016

Despite the fact that each user his vision of the perfect home, most of them are united in the opinion that a house with a basement, despite the high initial costs when further operation promises many benefits to its owner.And one of the most significant of them - it is more square meters of usable area.

But before moving on to some of the technical aspects, it is necessary to determine the concept of the basement.

Ground floor - a floor with a mark below the ground floor and a height of not more than half the height of the room.That is why the ground floor is considered underground facilities.

engineer construction company fundamental.RF Andrew Pashuhin.

- Lately, often used solution on how to combine technical and accommodations.Thus, the ground floor is divided into different zones: a gym, pool, wine cellar, movie theaters, and technical facilities.The result is a house under the house.And all the engineering units, hidden in the basement, do not deliver the technica

l noise and smell and do not take up the living space in the main part of the house. This ensures increased comfort of living in the house.

Traditionally basements used to place them in the basic technical equipment.For example: boiler, boiler, water intake unit, air handling unit ventilation, workshop and laundry room.

But despite the obvious benefits, many of the developers are hesitant to approach this stronghold - the ground floor.They are confused as technical difficulties encountered in the construction of the basement, and the widely held view that the construction of the basement requires huge initial investments.

ill-conceived approach to the construction of the ground floor leads to excess tab strength and reliability of this structural element, which leads to cost overruns and an increase in construction costs.You must agree that no one would build on a strong foundation of a house of cards.

So, if you decide you want to build a house with a basement floor, it is necessary to pay attention to the following features:

  1. the large amount of earthwork.What does it mean additional costs for the rental of heavy construction equipment such as excavators and dump trucks.After all, the excavated soil will be required to withdraw from the area.
  2. Basement exposed sediment and groundwater.That will also lead to additional costs for waterproofing basement.

interesting user experience forumhouse (nick Offline Gektor ).

- They dug a pit under the base size of 16 x 14 and a depth of about 3 meters.According to the project in the basement ceilings 2.5 meters.We decided to increase it to 3 meters, sinceWe plan to do it in a gym, and large walk-in closets.I have to say, I was not ready for that value works on digging and removal of soil off-site.Arranged for 75,000 rubles, as a result, with additional works price rose to 100,000 rubles.

To avoid this situation, it is better for such work does not involve private traders and carpool with its construction equipment.It will be cheaper and the contract on his hands with a specific scope of work and a fixed time of the excavator and dump trucks.

Director of construction company "cottage De Luxe" Andrey Artemenko.

- Ideally, for the basement needs to be selected on an elevated plot of relative total relief, and that the composition of the soil has been dry sand.To ensure better before buying a plot to make geology.Then, the total volume of construction costs, and, most importantly, the further operation will be minimal.

But the ideal is rare.How to be when conditions are different from ideal and that this should be done?

Thus, the problem: we have an area of ​​6 acres.Drop the section of light.The site is located on the plain.Soil clay.Water saturation.At a depth of 2 meters of water appears in large quantities.

Andrew Pashuhin:

- to pit was dry, and it could lead the construction work, it should immediately dig a pit in one corner, with the help of the pump constantly to pump water into thelivnёvku roadside.Further work is performed according to standard steps to the basement ceiling device.Then proceed to waterproofing the basement walls.

The quality of execution of these works will depend on success for half a dry room.

Drainage - the second half of the success in the fight against water.The meaning of the drainage is to lower the water table below the foundation slab of the basement.The main burden falls on it during the spring floods.Drainage is a natural - due to the relief of the site and forced - using discharge pumps.

Thus, moving the water from the area, we have to minimize the undesirable process such as a frost heave, and to reduce the depth of freezing it is necessary to insulate the foundation, for example, dug around the perimeter of the sheets of extruded polystyrene.

matter how paradoxically it may sound, but by doing these activities, despite the expenditure of additional funds we will be able to reduce the total cost estimates for the construction, shall fade as the need to increase the thickness of the walls of the ground floor, so - released funds insteadburied in the ground can be spent on the construction of the house.

With detailed and descriptive story about the construction of our forumchanin monolithic basement users can be found here . Hot discussion how to dig a pit for the base is conducted in this branch of our forum.And in this video clearly shows all the stages of work on the recast of the problematic basement.