Columnar and pile foundations

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08 May 2016

In this review we will talk about the bases used in the construction of houses lightweight device design without basements.What is the advantage of the pile and pier foundation to all other types?These foundations with considerable efficiency, simplicity and ease of construction, allow you to save a load-bearing capacity.Why they are so popular in the construction of private houses on frame technology, or wooden houses on their own.

For starters we recommend to pay your attention to the Building Regulations, as well as recommendations for the calculation, design and installation of pile foundations.In the subject "FAQ - Useful links on the pile, columnar, and other foundations," you will find all the necessary documentation.

What is pile-tape base and what is the design of this type of foundation?Is there a difference from the belt pile-pile-rostverkovogo foundation, or we are talking only about the competent determining the binding of the foundation pile heads raft?This you will learn from our e

xperts on the topic "" pile-band foundation "- myth or reality?".

Which building material used in the construction of pier foundation?What types of buildings designed pier foundation and what its design features and depth of the?What can be used as formwork during the construction of pier foundation?These questions will be answered in the topic "pier foundation."

This foundation a lot of fans.In it attracts a relatively low cost, speed of construction, the ability to carry out work in the winter, as well as on soft ground and in the construction of all types of buildings.So, we will focus on "the foundation on screw piles" (the theme in 4 parts).

a very interesting experience in construction, in which the topic was Hotmotor talk about the independent work on the installation of screw piles, you can explore the topic "Screw piles twist yourself."Hotmotor share experience on the selection and acquisition of piles, the method and timing of installation, how and what to use binding piles.

no perfection in the world (s).And screw piles have shortcomings, and with foundations in the sun happen annoying incidents.In order not to list all the topics in which there is mention of the problems associated with this type of foundation, give a reference to the block devoted to this question in FAQ.

What would it take to screw-pile foundation will serve you for decades, what to consider when choosing a pile, and the company that will carry out works on the construction of the foundation, will tell you the video clip on ForumHouse.TV "pile foundation"

Another foundation is very popular with those who, for one reason or another prefer to build a house on their own.Now we talk about the pile-rostverkovom foundation, performed with the broadening of the foot piles, namely, on the foundation TISE.

Discussion TISE the main advantages of the foundation to all other types of foundations, stories about technology and tricks to facilitate the construction and operating experience can be found in the themes: "The foundation of technology TISE", "pier foundation TISE. Basic principles."

What to consider when choosing a pile-foundation rostverkovogo cases in which, for any type of soil is recommended to choose this kind of funlamenta, what is the depth of its foundation, how competently carry out the formwork and reinforcement?Read the opinion of professionals, Alexander Kruglyakova superintendent and consultant offline Roman Nikonov recommend you view the video "pile-rostverkovy foundation."

personal experiences for the construction of its own foundation, illustrated photo report and video, in the subject "Photo videotchёt to create post TISE" users share with us

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