Drainage pipes POLYTRON ProDren - a guarantee of quality soil drainage

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08 May 2016

Unfortunately, they forget that along with the plan should be given to engineering networks and, in particular, the drainage system.From how you build drainage pipes and tubes using what, depends on the safety and comfort of your home, as well as the beauty of your land.

If your home is surrounded by sandy soil, then consider that the problems of stagnant water you have, most likely, will not.But in most cases, clay soils, which means that after a spring snow cover or during prolonged rains your site risks becoming a very real swamp.If your house has a basement and garage are the pit or cellar, the water will certainly fall into this room and stay there for a long time, then it can bloom and acquire an unpleasant odor.All this can be avoided if, in addition to the planning area to provide the drain piping.

drainage systems can be assembled with the help of drainage pipes POLYTRON ProDren single-layer or double-layer, with or without geofiltrom.The most common system consists of one main drain, whic

h includes several local.The system ends the sump where all excess water accumulates.The process of soil drainage is to move stormwater and ground water drainage pipes in a specially made pit, which eliminates the penetration of liquid into the underground part of the house and the flooding of land with crops.

Laying drainage process is complex and challenging, which is why it is best to seek help from the experts who have the necessary experience.

modern perforated drain pipe POLYTRON ProDren, which is produced at the Russian factory "Pro Aqua" - a high-performance and high-quality product, perfectly suitable for the creation of a full drainage system.With the drainage system of pipes in the ground POLYTRON ProDren continuing need for plant growth water balance and capital structures, such as houses, bathhouses, garages, etc. Are protected from waterlogging, which can be caused by a sharp rise in groundwater levels, thanks to, for example,prolonged heavy rains.

Drainage perforated pipes POLYTRON ProDren stacked in special trenches are different specific, regimented depth.In order to prevent moisture penetrating freely in the tube and flows to designated wells, piping must have a slope towards the sump.The volume of fluid that will be withdrawn from the soil depends on several important aspects, including the thickness of the pipes, and their number is correctly positioned.

balanced water balance of the soil is crucial for areas with vegetation that can be lost as a lack of moisture and of its overabundance.

laying drainage pipes occurs at considerable depth, so it is an important condition - a stable resistance tube to the pressure of the soil.For this ideal drainage corrugated pipes POLYTRON ProDren, produced at the Russian factory "PRO AQUA".Grooved surface allows to increase the strength and improve the reliability of drainage system.


Material - polypropylene / polyethylene;
Specifications - TU2248-047-70239139-2012;
Perforation - 360 ° C;
geotextile - TYPAR, SF - 27;
Operating temperature -40 ° C to + 90 ° C;
color - black.

advantages of drainage polypropylene pipes POLYTRON ProDren:

  • service life of more than 50 years;
  • No corrosion, high strength and resistance to any conditions, including aggressive media, low temperatures, etc .;
  • Ease of installation and ease of transportation.The pipes are lightweight.Flexibility, which has POLYTRON ProDren, allows stacking without additional compensation elements.To connect using plastic fittings;
  • Excellent self-cleaning is achieved due to the fact that the pipes have smooth inner walls that prevent the collection and accumulation of sediments;
  • strengthen resistance to silting and clogging (if the presence of rainfall for you number one problem - it is desirable to lay a pipeline system with geotextile);
  • optimal price-quality ratio.Route the system of polypropylene drainage pipes POLYTRON ProDren, the value of all the drainage pipe will pay off rather quickly due to the simplicity of installation and maintenance, as well as the effective operation of the entire pipeline.

Deliveries drainage perforated pipes POLYTRON ProDren the company does "Ego Engineering" - the largest supplier of products of the Russian factory "PRO AQUA".In addition to the drainage pipeline company produces polypropylene pipes and fittings Pro Aqua, pipes for domestic sewage Polytron, polypropylene pipes for outdoor sewerage laying POLYTRON ProKan.

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