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07 May 2016

On the plot is never unimportant buildings - the convenience and style of this area are made up of little things.That store firewood for the winter can be going to the creative process - Suitable beautiful woodshed of the available materials.Participants offer interesting design solutions, which can take advantage of you.

In the old woodshed called not only for the storage of wood construction, but also the dealer this common type of fuel.Firewood paid special attention to composing proverbs and sayings: "ohotku cherish - not to chop wood", "From winter to know that the poor do not have firewood", "wood burned hot, it was in the bath park;firewood was gone - and all is lost, "" lazy husband have no wood in the yard. "

Members Active dim-dim decided to make a neat woodshed and figuring out how to be an open structure:

- Of course, woodshed should be ventilated.But I do not want to rain poured from the side.Maybe close wall polycarbonate?


- If you make a wood

shed too open, in the winter snow will sweep up the wood.Personally, I like this, and when the wood digs and brought into the house, puddle accumulates.


- themselves often bring raw wood, sawn and split only - they need to dry.Himself woodshed will do so: a frame made of metal, covered with netting.Under the roof - a place for birch brooms.Concrete foundation (it is easier to sweep).The gate to the castle (from bullies).Cheap and cheerful, it is blown, but not getting wet, plus bark beetles do not eat wood from the metal.

Bark beetles - a serious reason to think about where better to arrange a woodshed.Many homeowners and gardeners to not go away, stockpiling firewood against the wall of a house or a bath.But this is not the best option, participants


- I would not do woodshed next to the existing buildings, in order not to break the then head over how to get rid of the beetles, borers, ants and other insects that live in the wood.


- Fact!Insects eventually move from firewood to the house.The best option - a detached woodshed.

Members Active OlegCheb your standing alone woodshed built in three days from the materials left over from the construction of houses and baths.As support, he used six concrete blocks 200h400h600 - in places of their installation has been previously excavated earth;filled, spilled water and tightly packed sand.On the concrete block party forum to lay roofing material and put the sill of a round timber with a diameter of 120 mm.Then the owner of a solid mounted rack and the top of the harness 100 mm rod, set rafters and lathing.The roof is covered with Onduline woodshed.

as the material for the walls was used 30 mm board, which previously served as formwork during the construction of the foundation baths.Throw it was a pity, and OlegCheb rescued concrete hammer, and then cleared out with an angle grinder petal disc.The same board construction has started on the bars 40x80 mm and 20x30 mm, which made door.To building not looked sad, forumchanin mounted on the wall chess principle through timber 40x40 mm, one board sutured in front, the other - behind.To make the flowers, trees covered with stains of color "Rosewood".Here's what came of it:

Author designs, said: Despite the closure, woodshed very well ventilated, and the snow, rain and fallen leaves, even in strong winds do not fall inside.

But a slightly more open, wooden woodshed in chocolate and white colors appeared on a site forumchanin numis :

When oblique rain water gets extreme logs, but thanks to the ventilation they dry quickly.

Member of our forum lancen its storage for firewood ... wove.The material for the original woodshed served as flexible tree branches.The structure of the master is also used as temporary storage for tools.

size woodshed forum users are advised to determine, based on the volume of imported wood and a place that will take is already stale logs.Dry firewood you will be heated and will be fresh to wait their turn and lose the excess moisture.For convenience woodshed can be divided into sections.

not to go with a bunch of wood in the dark, it is also important to provide lighting woodshed.Some forum users additionally installed outside buildings lights with motion sensor.They are included automatically, and the owner will not have to go back to extinguish the light.

woodshed or a stack of wood?

Maybe not bother building woodshed, and on the ground lay the wood in the woodpile, for the beauty of experimenting with form structures?

woodpile in the form of haystacks in Pühtitsa Assumption monastery.Village Kuremäe, Estonia

- woodpile on the ground are good for those with a large wood consumption.A small one - it is better to stack higher, not to rot , - said participants of the Forum Hel .Some forum users

woodpile use open only in the summer and autumn clean-dried wood in the shed.It remains to choose which of the storage options of wood is best for you.

members of the forum read tips on how to build a beautiful woodshed, can be the subject of our forum.Learn about the overhaul of the old woodshed here.This article describes the different properties of wood fuel.Here you can read about the production of the firewood with their hands.