Dressing-Mansion house

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06 May 2016

Even if you do not live permanently in a country house, I want to comfort and coziness.Landscaping garden forumchanin AleksandrPervy started with reconstruction, rather, as it turned out - complete redesign, toilet.The former "strategic facility", assembled from planks - remnants from the construction of the house, served for many - for 20 years.But it's time to replace it.

owner considered several options for new construction: the septic tank, and composting toilets in the house.However, the house itself was not designed for permanent residence, so splurge on a septic tank did not make sense.Validating opted sump and decided to periodically "podselyat" to bacteria.

So, dug a hole, drilled shafts and a half meters, otsypali their rubble.At the bottom of the pit poured AleksandrPervy the same material layer 15 cm. Then put in a pit iron barrel without a bottom 200 liters.A third container nasverlil holes.Until this level of gravel sprinkled barrel, poured on top, ramming, the soil.Ventilation - sewer p

ipe 50 mm.It brought above the ridge.In the middle, at the junction of pipes forumchanin put a mosquito net that insects do not fall into the pit.

AleksandrPervy house dressing himself decided to make fabulous style attics.Foundation - four bars.They are made of full-bodied red bricks, each - 4 pcs.

foundation can also be done from the metal pipes: they hammered into the ground, the top performing channel bar or harness area.

AleksandrPervy harness made of larch (disassembled unnecessary window unit).Type of connection - "in a half-tree", collected with the help of nails and screws.All wooden elements of the framework forumchanin pretreated ognebiozaschitym composition.For further safety net harness fastened to the foundation with anchor bolts.

frame built toilet host of bars 40x40 mm.They sawed from edging boards: so much cheaper than buying ready-made.At this stage, the design does not inspire confidence: all strongly unsteady.Without losing faith, AleksandrPervy started to trim the block house.Thus, the house dressing becomes more like a log cabin.It is very handy trimming.Every board and the owner tried on customized locally.SPIL vertical - 15 degrees on the horizontal plane - 45. The boards are fastened with small screws in the spike.This proved to be faster and easier than using nails.

roof shingles forumchanin sheathe green.I use nails with a wide hat.The base under the roof made of planks from the long pallets.They got next to nothing and came perfectly to length.Boards sorted postrogal, took their facet to cover the gap.And then, finally, the design has gained the necessary rigidity.

AleksandrPervy door frame made of 40x50 mm bars.His he sheathed in the same material.I put in a triangular window.All external board covered colorless azure.

Members Active advises the board to cover the installation, because they significantly change color under the influence of the sun.The owner frame is sheathed few days.Fresh boards differ greatly in color from the packed few days ago.Alexander had to wait a week to all the boards lined in color, and only then all covered with glaze.

In the next step set the master door.For a long time I could not think of what to put outside handle, so did the original opening in the door: the traditional heart and geometric forms he seemed boring.

floors Alexander made of edged boards.Sobral stool of two broad planks.Circle in the closet jigsaw cut, rounded edge sander.Then, all covered with oil.Validating the floor spread a linoleum, and on top - artificial turf: it is almost invisible dirt and pleasant to stand barefoot.All construction secured with screws.

Facade toilet house Alexander decorated street lamp.In order not to delay electricity through the entire site and changed the cartridge under 12V bulb.Under the toilet seat I hid the old battery, led wire, set the switch.Lamp put in front of the glass.Now light and outside and inside.

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