Construction in America.

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06 May 2016

About the construction of frame houses written many books, articles and filmed many documentaries, but we believe that users will be interesting to learn about the transatlantic approach to the construction of frame houses from the mouth of our compatriots.

So layout.Most homes in America is built with a basement and a garage for two or three cars.And, most often, the garage is combined with the house, and it is possible to enter inside the dwelling.With regard to the number of storeys, it all depends on the customer, but it should be noted that the presence of a ground floor living space greatly increases because now the boiler room, a workshop or a gym located in the basement.

Strange but true, in view of the two-storey house in the basement area equal to one-story will be much cheaper.

detailed story about the construction of our forumchanin basement is available at this link .

When building a house certainly elevated porch, among the features designed homes can be id

entified that the kitchen necessarily aligned with the audience, and in the master bedroom is required to set a toilet.

Overseas, wardrobe almost no one buys, and is used for storing clothes-in closet is bigger reminiscent of small-sized room.

But before we move on to the technical description of the construction of frame houses, should understand the popularity of this technology in America.And indeed, why the Americans do not build the house of aerated concrete or ceramic warm?

opinions of our forum user Polgray:

- The main argument is that the Americans, unlike us, are very mobile people.They often change their place of residence.And they need a low-cost, practical and fabricated house.Therefore, they choose karkasniki.But prejudices about the house-fortress, the heat capacity of the brick and stone they have.

expensive and prestigious housing in America are also building on frame technology.The price difference accumulates due to the area, the location of the site and the interior and exterior of the house.

frame house in American

As mentioned above, most of the houses built over the ocean with a basement.In America, unlike us, are hardly used weakly deepened strip foundations.The main types of foundations - a plate and a tape to a depth of freezing.

The average height of the plinth is 8 feet that perёschete to the metric system is about 2.4 meters.

erection frame house with a construction area 15h12 meters takes an average of 5-6 days.But how to reach such a speed?

user of our forum (nick G orelkin ).

- This speed is achieved by calibrated material and prefabricated trusses.On the construction site of their assembly had brought from the factory, as well as the staircase that saves us from having to build directly on the construction site truss system.

Sami farms and big walls do not rise hand and a crane, which also significantly speeds up the process of building a frame house.

During the construction of frame houses is most commonly used technology platform - when the first floor joists sewn sheets of OSB and already this - a flat surface engaged in the erection of sten.Stroyploschadka preparing for the arrival of the brigade or framer frame builders in advance.The plot is supplied with electricity, communications and an asphalt road.All material already introduced by.A brigade of the main tools of the three following framer:

  • Three hand-held circular saws;
  • A miter saw;
  • reciprocating saws;
  • Neylery cassette and drum;
  • compressor;
  • Staplers: one manual and one pneumatic for sewing the walls and roof OSB.With this easy and convenient tool trim is faster and more convenient than a gun.

main tool is provided foreman, from his - from the only carpenter framer times and different small things.

should dwell on the material used in the construction of a frame house in America.

  • size racks for external and internal load-bearing walls are 2x6 24 inches on center.Height 1 floor 94 or 104 inches, the second floor of 92 inches.Internal
  • not carry 2x4 rack 16 inches on center.
  • Osb used 0.5 inches by walls and a roof, 3/4 inches to the floor.
  • floor joists made of 2x10 16 inches on center.
  • stands always in packs bring cut in the desired length.For contact with the concrete tree - using a special lining tape.
  • Nails standard 3 inches.

1 inch is approximately equal to 2.5 cm. The whole timber is thoroughly consistent geometry and well dried.It also features overseas technology include the fact that the tree is impregnated with an antiseptic or as it is called here - Zelenka, is only used when laying it on the concrete, and he himself is going to frame out of untreated wood protection products.

Organization of

interesting approach to the construction of the home team.


- Each team your order and its rules.Generally, two people make markings on the foundation.All sizes according to the plan.One person fills a special stapler linings sponge on the board of the waist.Sponge necessarily fit around the perimeter of the house.Binding board is attached to the foundation bolts, pre-established by pouring concrete.For this board, two men beat t. N.skirt - board 2x10 around the perimeter.At the same time marks the location of the foreman of the floorboard.Skirt packed sprinkles lags.Then one worker goes to collect the frame of the garage and the other two plank floors.

In America, as insulation for walls is mainly used by rock wool, and the roof of the complex shapes and a large number of cavities insulated ecowool.All connections windshield glued shut.

Read more about modern heaters can be read in this article .


- walls we align to trim their OSB .We check and fix diagonally.That is, we have already raised the exact rectangle.There is of course important that the foundation was steady.Tolerances and inconsistencies in practice was 1/4 inch wall 10 feet long, but it is not fatal, it is important to sustain the size of the kitchen and bathroom.Sometimes the wall and I had to break and remake too.Rule "break than to build," does not work here, remodel always longer than build.

Most homes all communications, from water pipes, and ending with the wiring harness, wires are hidden - inside the walls.And, unlike our American SAE unified set of building regulations Uniform Building Code depending on the state, capable of performing hidden wiring in wooden houses without the use of metal pipes.Also, high-speed construction of the house is achieved through the details of the assigned house project, which shows all the dimensions, location and communication rooms.

How to enter the electricity in the house gives details here .


- The rate of construction of the house has a huge impact even and dry timber.And the fact that the walls are assembled and sheathed on the floor.Also significantly speeds up the use of factory farms that we raise the crane.If the farm properly and evenly exposed, cut OSB falls to a minimum.

interesting timing works - one day go on to prepare the pediments, three hours to set all the crane, and one day to score a roof OSB.Then come Rufer and in one day cover the entire roof shingles.

In America, almost no specialists so-called generalist.Each team is engaged in the scope of work.The foundation is poured one, carpentry others, and internal communications conducted by a third, which significantly speeds up construction time at home.On average, from start work before putting the house turnkey takes 2-3 months.And the concept of turnkey means that a home can only make furniture and we can live with.

The database, in all homes, and provides for the connection of all necessary communications, ranging from sewer systems and ending with fiber optic cable high-speed Internet and satellite TV.

speed multiplied by the money

So what is the main feature of the American frame house?And if there is any hidden factors influencing the exceptional popularity of this type of buildings, not only in America but also in Canada and the European countries?

According to our user (forum name 777uran777uran )

- Between the frequent change of residence in the United States and the need for affordable housing, contrary to popular belief, the connection is still not straight, because the price tag for housing themdoes not depend on which of the walls, but on what the market value of the house at this point, as the market of private homes in the US is almost №1 industry in the economy, is its engine.

From here taken such huge need for industrialization and unification of construction and as tough as possible is important, and time is money, because the construction of any object - is hard conveyor from order to issue key.And industrial work with calibrated tree easier and faster than with the stone.

And do not forget that the speed of construction is very strongly influenced by detailed specification of the project and planning of all the work up to the last detail and minutes for each operation.

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